10 Things I’ve Learned About Intuition

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Retreat.3Listening, trusting and following my intuition has has created a life beyond my wildest dreams and this is what I’ve learnt:


1.    My intuition speaks to me all the time, but sometimes I may be too busy to hear it.  As I pay attention, my inner guidance comes through more clearly.

2.    I know when I am following my intuition, because when I do, I feel more alive.

3.    Tuning into my intuition works best when I relax, let go and feel a little more deeply than usual.

4.    Checking in with myself each day can be extremely powerful and I don’t need much time. With practice, I can quickly and easily drop out of my mind and into a deeper place inside, where all my answers reside.

5.    My own innate wisdom knows what’s true and right for me, I have learned to trust this inner teacher who speaks to me.

6.    Trust is my greatest friend. Doubt is my biggest enemy.

7.    Trusting my intuition isn’t selfish, irresponsible, or inconsiderate of others. Since intuition is connected to the universal intelligence, heeding it always leads to the greatest good for all.

8.    I must check in with my intuition regularly. If only for a moment, I can relax and actively tune in to my body sensations and feelings.

9.    Each of us comes into this life with a purpose – with lessons to learn and gifts to give. As I develop my intuition, I am guided toward fulfilling that purpose in every way, step by step, everyday.

10.    When I acknowledge and integrate my intuition into my daily life, it shows me what I need to do to fulfill my deepest desires and achieve my goals.





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