21 Days of Quietude – A Retreat

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 Sunrise 21Day Retreat


I’ve just returned from my annual retreat. 21 days of quietude. Decluttering my mind, replenishing my nervous system and reconnecting with nature.


This year I packed a tent, a torch, a sleeping bag and enough food for 21 days and set off to a free camp on the edge of a lake in central Queensland.


Camping 21 Day Retreat


Within a few days my sleeping rhythm had aligned with the sun, moon and the stars. With only the moon and torchlight to see I was in bed by 6.45pm each night watching the stars appear. Around 5.30am I would naturally wake just as first light began to emerge, clocking up 10-12 hours of sleep, replenishing the many lost hours over the past busy year.


Being a New Zealander and used to icy cold mornings I climbed out of my sleeping bag and pulled on my numerous merino layers, a wool jumper, beanie and scarf, before brewing a hot cup of coffee on my $20 gas cooker, an intuitive purchase – just incase! Thankfully my intuition prevailed, at this free camp there were no cooking facilities, it was BYO or Build Your Own fire which I did each night to ‘slow cook’ dahl and rice and Thai vege curries. There’s something special about sitting beside a fire under an open sky, listening to the crackling of the wood and the cooeing of the swans as night time draws near.


Fireside 21 Day Retreat


Each day around lunchtime was ‘cold shower’ time, a bathing ritual accompanied by deep guttural groans. None-the-less, I did get used to the shock and I have to admit it was very refreshing! With no choice of hot water (as I had no solar shower), I eventually came to enjoy the sensations of cold water on my hot body.  In the evening I heated water on the fire and had a warm sponge bath under the night sky before crawling into my tent for another 10-12 hour nervous system reboot and overhaul.


I unplugged from my iPhone and computer and checked social media and emails once a week. I read one book and one magazine, the rest of the time I practiced.


I practiced The Course a technique that has revolutionised my life, it’s relieved years of physical pain, tension and stress and has continued to give me the freedom and confidence to follow my heart and connect to my highest calling.


Moonrise 21 Day Retreat


Every little thought, uncomfortable feeling, old memory or painful sensation that reared its uninvited head on this healing retreat was quietly and quickly obliterated during the 21 days. I filled up holes, removed blocks and released fears by using this one simple technique that worked on everything I applied it to.


I watched a multitude of thoughts come in to disrupt my equanimity, to belittle, judge and dishonour the freedom I was experiencing, thoughts that tried to tell me I’m not good enough, I’m not loved, I’m no one, I know nothing. I used The Course method and watched them disappear. I experienced feelings of aloneness, frustration, discomfort and tension as thoughts tried to disarm me with ideas of worthlessness and laziness, but they quickly lost their power as I practiced The Course over the 21 days.

As the days past by my mind quietened, my body relaxed and my nervous system replenished. I walked, carried water, collected fire wood, cooked, stretched, rested and practiced The Course.


The Lake 21 Day Retreat


During this 21 day retreat I experienced days of absolute pure happiness – for no reason other than I was free. Free from the societal pressures, the shoulda’s, the coulda’s, the woulda’s that secretly creep into my vocabulary and thought processes, free from mental thoughts and psychic activity, free from feelings of heaviness and fatigue, free from the stresses and tensions that contract and stiffen my body. Each day more space appeared, eventually creating enough space for good feelings and thoughts to bubble to the surface – feelings of calm, confidence and connection to all that is, feelings of pure joy and peace.


Nearer the end of my retreat I began to feel like I’d somehow fallen out of an invisible energy matrix. A subtle and somewhat elusive matrix that is difficult to pinpoint. I can describe the feeling as though I’d fallen through a trapdoor beneath a ‘mental matrix’ and into a ‘feeling  matrix’. I had found an unsigned exit door from a ‘masculine driven’ world into a ‘feminine being’ world and I love it.


I feel like I’m home again, rooted in my body, connected to the earth and flowing with life.


I like it here in my body where I can feel deeply. It’s effortless, it’s easy, it’s natural. If you’re an Empath, you will know how important it is to stay connected to your body and to what you feel. It is your door to freedom.


There is no competition, no comparison, no fighting, no scarcity, no fear, no overwhelm.


I like it so much here I just want to share it, spread it like flower seeds in a spring wind, give it to each and every woman who has eyes to see, ears to hear and an open heart to receive.


If you feel drawn to join The Course to improve your life, to create freedom, to share your gifts, to spread love and happiness with other women, I’d love to teach you a way to clear away anything that is holding you back. If you have a deep yearning to reconnect with your feelings, with the earth, with a sense of adventure, aliveness and newness, I’d love to hear from you.

Email me, Carla at byronwomensretreat@gmail.com for a chat about how The Course can best help you shine.


Sunrise 21 Day Retreat

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