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When I was twenty-one I brought a one way ticket to London and hoped someone out there, somewhere, could help me.


I travelled everywhere and tried everything, even crazy things like; fasting for 17 days on a fasting retreat in Germany, meditating for 10 days on a silent meditation retreat at a Buddhist Nunnery, studying yoga with a Guru in India, learning massage with a healer in Thailand, studying Tibetan Buddhism in a Nepalese Monastery, drinking foul tasting herbal medicine from a medicine man in China and smoking medicinal marihuana in Amsterdam. But when it came to remaining pain free and happy, it was always temporary….






So, when I was twenty-eight  I took a solo pilgrimage to India to ‘heal myself’.


It took me 4 years to buy that plane ticket and fulfil that dream, because everyone I told, said “Don’t be stupid, you’re a single white female travelling alone in INDIA, you’ll get raped, mugged, sick, accosted into a cult and no one will know!” (this was pre mobile phones and the internet) Of course, I believed them, until I realised that if I didn’t face my fears I would never fulfil my dreams.


I went to India and studied meditation and yoga. I had ayurvedic massages and travelled to sacred pilgrim sites and I learned more about healing and more about myself and the pain disappeared…for awhile.




I was on a mission.


I worked on myself ALL THE TIME. I mediated, I did affirmations, I drank green drinks, I attended self development courses and health retreats and I read every self help book out there on the market!


The whole situation had me absolutely stumped for ages and, quite frankly, sometimes I just wanted to give up.



Today, I’m in a very different place.


I am pain free and I’ve done this without getting a hip replacement or taking medication or moving to my favourite island paradise in the South Pacific. (Even though this sounds like fun)


I’m also proud to say my courses, coaching programs and retreats have helped women from all over the world change their entire relationship with themselves and in turn transform their lives.





What made the difference?


It all started when I learned how to clear away for good my old beliefs and fears that didn’t serve me, and reconnect to my inner wisdom for answers that did. I can almost hear you saying, “Carla, that’s great for you, but the doctor told me I have this illness, or I’m so confused I don’t know what to do anymore, or I’ve tried so many things but they just don’t work for me!”


Well, I can tell you it was the same for me. I didn’t know if it would work for me, either, I mean, I had tried A LOT of stuff, I’d been at this healing thing for a long time. I was born with dislocated hips and I’d had 6 operations and reconstructive surgeries, I had a twisted pelvis and a curvature in my spine, my lumber disks were compressed, my left leg was nearly 18mm shorter than my right… I could go on…


But what I’ve learned from my own inner work, plus working with literally thousands of women over the past 25 years, is this…


No matter how hard you try, no matter how much self-improvement you do, and no matter how many workshops or yoga classes you attend or massages you have


Until you deal with your fears and hidden beliefs…
You’ll never have the kind of life, health and wellbeing (or happiness) that you dream about.


Honestly, my personal healing journey took a new direction when I really focused on working on my blocks. The pain, the stress and the tension I had carried around in my body for most of my life completely dissolved, totally disappeared without any external intervention.


I had a surgeon tell me my hip was so bad nothing would help me except for an immediate hip replacement. He was wrong. My yoga teacher was wrong. My partner was wrong. My mother was wrong. Many of my critics were wrong. My intuition told me not to give up and to keep focussing on my goal to walk pain free. My intuition was right. It just didn’t make sense at the time and I didn’t know ‘how’ this could actually happen.


This is what I want to help you with; The HOW. I’ll help you get in touch with your intuition and then trust it and follow it. I’ve got a ton of resources to help support you. I’ve helped many women clear their blocks and achieve their personal goals from finding love, relieving chronic pain, losing weight to discovering their hearts purpose. This is what I do, this is my speciality!





I really want you to enjoy your life and live a life you love. Getting aligned to your inner wisdom and feeling happy is the best thing that you can do for yourself but you must work on your blocks if you want results.


This really is the missing piece that so many professionals don’t talk about when it comes to wellbeing. You can have the nutritious diet, the exercise routine, the most loving partner, greatest job, but you need to work on your inner stuff too.


The women who join my Coaching program quickly experience a shift within themselves, they immediately feel empowered to make changes from the inside out and through this process experience incredible results, not to mention many wonderful benefits.


The Course Coaching Program is an in-depth body, mind, soul online 6 month training course comprising of weekly one to one private training, coaching and healing sessions, unlimited email support, worksheets and homework assignments and give you practical tools and support to release your blocks and start being the AMAZING women you know you are, living a life that truly matters most.

I’d love to help you, I want to help you.


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