About Carla


I was born with bilateral dislocated hips and like many healing journeys its been a long one.

During my early years I developed a spinal scoliosis, compressed lumbar vertebres, a leg length discrepancy of 1 inch, a twisted pelvis, cartilage damage and I endured numerous surgeries which never took the pain away.

After six operations I was told I needed bilateral hip replacements, but I was too young for this type of surgery. I was sent away with pain killers and told to hold out as long as possible.

I didn’t want the pain killers and I didn’t want anymore surgery, I had to find another way to relieve my pain.
So at the age of 21 I brought a one way ticket to London and embarked on a journey to find a way to heal myself. Armed with one phone number and my intuition, I leaped into the unknown hoping there was someone out there, somewhere, that could help me.

Thats when I caught the bug – The Travel Bug!

In the years to follow, my passion for travel and healing took me to twenty countries around the world.

I studied yoga and become a qualified Yoga Teacher, training 3 times in India.

I learnt Thai Yoga Massage in Thailand returning seven times to become a qualified Massage Therapist.

I fasted for 17 days at a world renowned fasting clinic in Germany and understood the important link between diet, nutrition and pain. And most importantly the body can heal itself.

I attended nine 10 day silent vipassana mediation retreats in Nepal, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand and discovered the mind body connection and why stress was my worst enemy.

And, I found tropical islands…. so I could swim in warm waters, drink coconut water and totally rejuvenate my body.

Through out my journey I have shared what I have learnt, by teaching yoga, massage, intuition workshops and healing retreats in New Zealand and Australia for the past seventeen years and I have worked as a professional massage therapist and yoga teacher for the past twenty one.


Leafy oasis

Leafy oasis

In 2009 I opened Byron Women’s Retreat to create a safe, health haven for women when visiting Byron Bay. A place that was nurturing for the soul and relaxing for the body.

Over the past eight years since moving to Byron Bay, I have continued to nurture myself and take care of my body, while running retreats, teaching, travelling and helping others.

In 2015 my journey took me back home to New Zealand for a year to run Women’s retreats and a Massage Clnic while my good friend had a baby.

Late 2016 I returned to Australia and decided to take some time off for myself, to reassess, self nurture and tune into my hearts calling as to how I can best serve others. I find myself still resting, meditating, swimming, contemplating and speaking with spirit as I relax into what is, enjoying the peace and quiet of not doing.

Throughout my healing journey I have learnt many things,  most importantly; that health is inner peace. Today more than ever, I am enjoying the fruits of my labour as I take my own retreat in Queensland, relaxing in the Tropical North.

I hope my own journey to self healing offers you some inspiration and a little bit of guidance towards reconnecting to the peace that lies within you.


Training and Qualifications:


Carla has been practicing massage since 1994 and has trained in Thai Yoga Massage 7 times in Thailand and is one of the most experienced Thai Massage Practitioners in Australasia. She is also certified in Aromatherapy massage and has worked as a remedial massage therapist for many years helping people recover from injuries and illnesses. She has worked with clients with Cancer, Parkinsons, sciatica, carpel tunnel, back pain, migraines, arthritis, hip replacements, depression, mental illness, autoimmune diseases etc. Also a passionate Teacher Carla has taught massage,  yoga, intuition workshops and healing retreats for the past 17 years.

Carla has a vast knowledge of nutrition and has studied degenerative diseases, in particular osteo-arthritis and cancer and has a great insight in the bodies ability to heal itself when given the right environment and nutritional support.

Also an internationally qualified Yoga Teacher, she has been practicing yoga since 1997 and has studied a variety of yoga styles such as: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram, Restorative and Yogalates.

Carla has studied Yoga in India 3 times, twice with Shri K Pattabhi Jois in Mysore. She has also attended workshops by teachers such as Donna Farhi, Mark Whitwell, Peter Sanson, and massaged many yoga students and teachers during this time.


In 2005 Carla was asked to be a personal Massage Therapist for an International Yoga Teacher and traveled for 3 years on the world yoga circuit, massaging students and teachers in a variety of different countries.

In 1994 Carla attended her first 10 day Vipassana silent meditation retreat and has attended another 8 since.

Carla’s specialty lies in her experience of therapeutic yoga postures, in depth knowledge of the body and her intuitive connection to her heart and healing. But what really sets her apart from the rest is her gifted ability to read the body and its message. She has time and time again, experienced the healing power of yoga, meditation, massage and diet and has helped many people over the past 21 years realise the natural healing capability of their own body.

Carla’s experience and knowledge has come from a deep inner quest and desire to heal herself.

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