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Since time immemorial, people have journeyed to places that have special associations with the sacred in order to explore, deepen and re-kindle their own faith. A sacred journey is travel with a purpose. A form of spiritual transformation where the journey and all the little moments of travel are embraced to bring us closer to the divine.





When I left school I won a travel scholarship and worked in the Travel Industry for a year before realising I didn’t want to ‘sell travel’ I wanted to ‘do travel’. So, I booked my first solo trip to Fiji and survived my first Category 4 cyclone – Cyclone Bola.


I knew that if Cyclone Bola couldn’t stop me from travelling nothing could.


At the age of twenty I was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in both hips and too young for hip replacements. With a deep call for healing I brought a one way ticket to London for my twenty first birthday and began my search for healing and happiness.


I travelled to twenty-one countries and I tried many things to heal the stiffness and pain I felt on a daily basis, even unusual things like; fasting for 17 days on a fasting clinic in Germany and not talking for 10 days on a silent meditation retreat in Thailand. I floated in float tanks and experimented with plant medicine and psychedelics with the intention and purpose of healing and purification. I tried rebirthing and emotional release work, going vegetarian and raising my vibration with crystals, energy healing and colour.  I had osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, all types of massage, Reiki and kinesiology.


I studied Thai Massage in Thailand with a Master Healer and Thailand became my spiritual home. Over the years I returned ten times to Chiang Mai, Thailand to study Thai Massage and learn about compassionate understanding and Buddhism. I loved seeking out temples where I could meditate and absorb the ancient spiritual energy. Chiang Mai has around 300 wats, or temples, in and around the city, some of them dating back 700 years. Practicing meditation in this part of the world where it originated is transformative. Everywhere you turn in Thailand, you are greeted by warm smiles and wafting incense billowing out of homes and temples. And the food…?Amazing!






When I was twenty-eight I went on a solo spiritual pilgrimage to India to ‘find myself’ and ‘find God’.


It took me 4 years to buy that plane ticket to India. People said “Thats crazy, you’re a single white female travelling alone in INDIA, you’ll get raped, mugged, sick, accosted into a cult and no one will know!” (this was pre mobile phones and the internet) Of course, I believed them… for awhile, until I realised if I didn’t face my fear I would never fulfil my dream.


And so I finally found the courage to face my fears and I went to India to study the ancient practices of massage, mindfulness, meditation and yoga. Or so I thought…





I did learn these, but the catalyst for deeper transformation came from travelling to the holy places. To the sacred pilgrimage site of the Buddha in Bodhgaya and meditating under the Bodhi Tree with hundreds of pilgrims. Visiting the holy place of Arunachala in South India where the temple of Shiva is located and meditating in the cave where Ramakrishna meditated.


Visiting the Sri Aurabindo Ashram and staying in the spiritual community in Pondicherry while practicing meditation and yoga. Bathing in the holiest river in India – The Ganges and visiting The burning ghats in Varanasi – a holy place where Hindus cremate their departed in a sacred burning ritual.





Seeing sick people, hungry people, dead people, people with no arms and no legs and realising just how fortunate I really was. I travelled to the Rajasthan Desert and climbed the sacred and holy Pushkar hill and on my descent held the hand of a Leper and we cried together as she prayed and sang to the God’s in deep gratitude – the energy was like nothing I had ever experienced before.



I travelled solo to Tibet, the highest region on earth and felt as though I was the closest to God I had ever been. I visited the Dalai Lama’s Potala Palace and hitch hiked down the Friendship Highway, travelling through mountains and valleys with no trees, just fluffy white clouds so close I thought I could touch them.


Groups of dirty kids would appear out of nowhere and I’d be invited to stay in local homes, drink Yak Butter Tea and share in meals, the Tibetans continuously offered me generosity abound with eyes smiling through weathered and lined faces. No language was spoken and yet our hearts understood every word.


I meditated and cried tears as I sat in devastated monasteries (approximately 6,000 monasteries were destroyed during the cultural revolution)  and was so in awe of the Tibetan’s connection to the Divine – I too wanted to know what they knew. I attended a ten day meditation retreat on a Tibetan Monastery in the hope that I too could find God, instead I was told by the Tibetan Lama I had lifetimes of bad karma to release. He handed me some rosary beads and gave me mantras to repeat and told me to start right away.





I was on a mission to heal myself and find happiness…


I mediated, repeated my mantras, drank green drinks, attended self development courses and health retreats, practiced yoga daily and read every self help book out there on the market. I shared everything I’d learned and opened another massage clinic and yoga studio in New Zealand. I ran well-being retreats and taught workshops and shared my knowledge of healing with others. I returned to India twice more to study yoga and became a qualified yoga teacher and I practiced yoga religiously six days a week… yet I still had pain in my body and felt energetically depleted, like life was being sucked right out of me.


The whole situation had me absolutely stumped for ages and, quite frankly, sometimes I just wanted to give up.



Today, I’m in a very different place.






It all started when I stopped…


I stopped looking for healing and happiness out there, I stopped taking care of other people and I stopped working.


For two and a half years I lived on my savings, took my own spiritual retreat and completely decluttered my life of stuff, people, emotions, thoughts and turned my focus inwards.


I cleared away my old beliefs and fears about my body and my relationships that didn’t serve me, and tuned in to Spirit for answers that did. I reconnected to my feminine energy, slowed down and become more present to what really mattered, surrendering my life to an even higher purpose calling. Asking the the Divine to please use me.


Overtime I became more aware of my energy and the energy of others and realised I was empathic and highly sensitive to other peoples energy. So I began to use a clearing method to clear energy that I had absorbed, was holding on to from the past and that was affecting me in my surrounding environment. My energy and vibration began to rise. I practiced gratitude for 365 days, focussed on joy, discovered what increased my energy and consciously avoided what depleted it.


I found my inner confidence, shaved off all my hair – something I’d wanted to do years ago when I visited a Nunnery in Nepal, but was to afraid – now, I was no longer concerned about what others thought of me.


I found my voice and began to say “no” more often and “yes” only when I truly felt moved and inspired. I began to love and accept myself and my body for all its imperfections and all its beauty.


I didn’t know if I’d find healing and happiness, I just trusted that I would…


I had tried a LOT of stuff, I’d been on this healing and happiness search for what seemed like a life time. Born with two dislocated hips, I’d had six operations and reconstructive surgeries by the age of ten, my spine was crooked, I walked with a limp, there were 20cm scars down both my legs, pain in my back and my womanly bits were not happy.


I had been trying to find a way out for a long time… when finally I realised the only way out… was in.





What I’ve learned from my own inner work, plus working with many women over the past 25 years, is…


No matter how hard you try, no matter how many self help books you read or surgeries you endure or diets you go on, or dates you have, or money you make


Until you do the inner work and clear the fears and hidden beliefs about your body, your relationships, your life and choose to live a life of divine devotion, aligned with Spirit, aligned with your highest purpose


You’ll never really have the kind of life, health and happiness that your heart dreams about.


Sometimes pain becomes our teacher and we are forced to let go of all the things that are not working in our lives and start again. This is what happened to me, pain had been my teacher for decades.


When I finally worked out what was creating the pain in my body (my thoughts, emotions, feelings, psychic energy, etc) and how to let go of it all, the chronic tension, stress, contractions, pain completely dissolved, totally disappeared without any external intervention – no medication, no surgery, no alternative therapies, no yoga, no meditation – no ‘thing’ was needed.


There are so many stories I can tell about how I kept surrendering and trusting in Spirit… here is just one:


In 2010 I had a Surgeon tell me my hip was so bad nothing would help me except for an immediate hip replacement. He said I could no longer put off the inevitable. At the time anyone who knew me well, was in agreement with him.

However, he was wrong. My yoga teacher was wrong. My partner was wrong. My mother was wrong. Many of my critics were wrong. My intuition told me not to give up and to keep focussing on my goal to walk pain free – naturally without medication or surgery. My intuition was right. It just didn’t make sense at the time and I didn’t know ‘how’ this could actually happen… but it happened.


I love teaching The HOW.


Not the theory, not the concepts but the actual, practical step by step process to healing yourself completely.


I’ve got a ton of resources, experience and the wisdom to guide and help you do this. I love helping women and I’d love to help you.





This really is the missing piece that so many professionals don’t talk about when it comes to happiness and wellbeing. You can have the nutritious diet, the exercise routine, the most loving partner, greatest job, practice yoga, do meditation, but if you are anything like me, we need to work on our inner stuff too, be grounded in our bodies, have a connection with our feminine energy and our divine source if we want to bring balance and power back into our lives.


The women who work with me quickly experience a shift within themselves, they feel inspired to make changes from the inside out and through this process experience amazing benefits.


There are 3 ways you can work with me:



The Clearing Course is a personal training course where I will teach you the exact method I used to clear feelings of pain, feelings of anger, feelings of sadness and change them up for feelings of joy, passion and love. This course gives you a self healing tool to provide immediate relief anytime and anywhere, every time you use the clearing method.




My Coaching Program is an in-depth body, mind, soul online self healing and self empowerment course comprising of weekly one to one private training, coaching and healing sessions, unlimited email support, worksheets and homework assignments and give you practical tools and support to release your blocks and start living a life that truly matters most.




A Soulful Retreat or Spiritual Pilgrimage to a sacred site is so much more than an inclination to travel it is a response to a call from your heart to heal and reconnect with your highest calling. My Soulful Retreats and Spiritual Pilgrimages are small group transformational adventures, created for women just like you, who desire  to live meaningful and spirit-filled lives.



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