About The Course


How The Course Came About


During the many years I ran retreats, courses and a private practice, my clients would often arrive charged mentally and emotionally from stressful experiences. They wanted me to help them feel better, they wanted it now, and usually I had only an hour, or if on Retreat 3-5 days to do so.


Often when I worked with a client I would pick up their strong emotional energetic charge and it impacted on me quite strongly usually affecting my energy levels and my weakest area – my hips. After 4-6 clients a day, 5 days a week, I found I was spending most of my evenings and weekends letting go of clients energies, their stories, and the pain I was feeling in my body.


This experience happening over and over became tiring and I began to recognise why so many of my fellow practitioners were only lasting 5 – 10 years in the wellness industry. I began to wonder, firstly how to reclaim the weekends for myself, secondly how I could protect myself so I could last doing the work I loved  and thirdly how could I give my clients the immediate relief they desired. 


Eventually I came across a description of an Empath – a person who is highly sensitive to the energy of others. This was definitely me! A blessing and a curse, I could easily feel another’s physical pain, emotions, thoughts and feelings. I used this ability in my work to accurately pin point pain in my clients body, the emotional cause or trigger and how to release it. This empathic ability enabled me to help others to heal but I was suffering fatigue and physical pain and desperately needed to find a way to serve while remaining energised and healthy.


The Course is the end result of that search.


I tried many, many teachings, read many books, attended courses with other experts and eventually came across what seems by accident, this method of Aura Cleansing. I had an affinity towards Aura Cleansing because of my Aura Soma experience and the study I had done on Barbara Brennan’s HEF (Human Energy Field) work.


I first applied the method to myself to heal my hip pain and then shared it with a few clients who suffered from empathic tendencies. Over the years I refined my teaching method and now have around a 9 out of 10 success rate. In my last years of private practice I started teaching The Course to my regular clients which made my job of getting to their core issue easy. They were were now getting the quick results they desired, feeling better within the hour with tools to go home with, and I was no longer going home tired and exhausted.  In most cases I was coming out of a session energised.


I also began teaching The Course on the first day of my retreats which immediately created the space needed for women to access their natural feminine essence with greater ease.


Having spoken with hundreds of clients and practitioners over the years, I’ve come to realise many of us are Empaths or Highly Sensitive People without really knowing it. If you feel physical pain, emotionally unbalanced, fatigue or out of sorts after working with clients or when around certain people or environments, you can apply The Course method to immediately free up space and energy to live a much better life.


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I by no means consider myself an expert on Aura Cleansing, the more I study and use Aura Cleansing the more I discover how vast and deep its potential is. The Course is a synthesis of the most transformative and useful ideas and techniques that Ive learned during my personal study and research to relieve my pain. As an Empath and highly sensitive person I have not found anything more simple, quick and effective than The Course.


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