Are you addicted to sugar?

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Are you addicted to Sugar?


This is my true story about how I quit eating sugar:


“Well,” I said to her “I am very partial to chocolate, any chocolate and preferably in large quantities. Oh and a daily soy flat white with a teaspoon of sugar and maybe a sweet treat, a biscuit or two around 3pm”.


 She took this opportunity to inform me that people who crave sugar and consume daily quantities of sugar/chocolate/sugar-laden confectionary of any type will eventually create a number of health disorders.  Aside from obesity, headaches/migraines, acne, bowel problems, candida/thrush overgrowth, inflammation, oh and not to mention hypoglycemia which can and often does result, (if allowed to continue without treatment or change of diet) in late on-set diabetes. 


Gee it was sounding all bad, but none of these were really my main concern.


Having 13 people in my family diagnosed with cancer in the past ten years was enough to make me sit up and wonder what is going on and could I be next?


I decided to find out the causes and the effects of lifestyle related cancer: Sugar, stress, chemicals, pollutants and a body system overloaded by toxicity was a sure path towards the big C and it was time I started making decisions towards prevention rather than cure.


“Ok” I said to my naturopath “I will stop eating sugar but what shall I take to help me kick the habit?”


 Sweet Craving Treatment


I knew Herbal remedies and homeopathic’s are used in balancing the blood sugar levels and diminishing the sweet craving.  Chromium is good to take too and possibly other minerals due to certain deficiencies.  I mentioned these to her and also that I had read B Complex is an essential nutrient to take. 


I also knew the sweet craving is a common thing to feel during a woman’s menstrual cycle, since the hormonal fluctuations will affect the pancreatic hormones. The cravings can become quite intense, often normalizing once the period commences or after bleeding.  This was the case for me but I couldn’t say this was wholy the cause because chocolate and coffee had become a daily ritual, period or no period.


I’d read that it is easy to quit sugar if I was dedicated to a healthy fresh food diet and also took appropriate natural remedies.  I did both of these and they weren’t helping my addiction towards the gooey, creamy, melt in my mouth desire for something sweet.


I also knew I could obtain sufficient sugars in fruits and some vegetables and that I did not need to ingest cane sugar to survive.  (So I couldn’t use this as an excuse).


After my very long and drawn out dialogue, my naturopath looked at me and said “Carla, it is just a decision.  All you need to do is decide to stop eating sugar and that’s all there is to it”. 


It was that simple. I decided to stop eating sugar as I walked out of her office that day and 8 weeks later I still have not eaten any.


Do I feel any better for it?  Well my test results have gone from a high inflammatory state with 13 imbalances in my body down to 2, all in 6 weeks.  I don’t crave a 3pm sugar hit, my energy is more balanced, no mid afternoon slump, and I am less teary.


But the most important thing is the inflammation in my body is down.  And inflammation is the cause of arthritis, pain, wrinkles, stiffness, cancer and so many other diseases.


And any way what’s sugar ever done for me??


Nothing good I can tell you!


So what do you reckon?  Is it time to quit sugar?


If so, all it takes is a decision, yes it’s that simple. And the rewards in the long run will make it well worth it.


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