Are You An Empath?


Replenish Your Aura

Are You An Empath?


Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) absorb emotions, feelings, and/or physical symptoms of others. Empaths often suffer from fatigue, exhaustion, emotional overwhelm or physical pain with many of their symptoms being misdiagnosed by the medical system and treated as a disease or disorder.

Clearing out emotionally charged clutter will release many symptoms and enable you to express your natural gifts of intuition, deep connection to nature, openness, compassion, kindness and love.



Traits of an Empath


A Good Listener

It is not unusual for friends, family or even strangers to talk to us about their problems, issues or painful experiences. It is typical of an Empath to be able to feel the other persons emotions and/or physical pain even if the person is not expressing it at the time.


Unconditionally Loving

Empaths naturally want to give unconditional love all the time, to anyone, who needs a listening ear, a caring heart, a warm embrace. We do this without thought or need for anything in return but often are the ones left feeling energetically drained, confused or emotionally overwhelmed.


Highly Sensitive

Empaths are highly sensitive and can sense and absorb the energy of people, animals or nature. Emotional sponges, we feel deeply, often confusing other peoples emotions as our own. A blessing and a curse when our sensitivities are not understood, Empaths often suffer from chronic fatigue, burn out, mood swings, physical pain and misdiagnosed illnesses. It is not unusual to be told we are ‘too deep, too emotional or overly sensitive’.



Empaths often feel things that don’t match what we hear or see, because we intuitively tune in behind the words and the facial expression of others. Many of us get hunches or gut instincts which go against the norm, preferring to trust our intuition when making important decisions, even when others say we are crazy.

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People often come from abusive or unloving families or have experienced traumatic or dramatic events in their childhood, learning how to use all their senses to perceive danger and to survive in an unsafe world.


Naturally Gifted

Talented musicians, artists, care givers, health practitioners, creatives, Empaths express their love tirelessly through music, art or care for others and the planet.

We prefer to give our time, our music, our healing abilities, our care, our art for free or charge a minimal amount, finding it difficult to ask for money in exchange for our natural talent or expression of unconditional love. Many Empaths struggle to get ahead financially in the world until they begin to accept their worth.


A Peace Keeper

Empaths seek peace and wellbeing and are always moving towards and desiring harmony and balance in their world. They are the peace keepers who enjoy the company of gentle beings, gravitating towards jobs and careers that work with healing people and the planet and caring for nature and animals. Anyone who is loving, caring, sensitive or kind is a breath of fresh air for an Empath, with many of us being drawn to creative and spiritual pursuits like music, art, yoga or meditation which help us reconnect to our peace within.



3 Essential Lessons For Empaths


Know What You Are Feeling


It is essential as an Empath to know how you feel. Before leaving the house in the morning, prior to meeting a friend or having an appointment check in with yourself and know what you are feeling, thinking or sensing in your body. This will help you to know what is yours and what is not and whether you have been affected by someone else’s energy.


Have Self Loving Boundaries


Empaths need to create self loving boundaries and stop letting people use them as dumping grounds. It is no longer okay for people to dump their emotional energy. Putting down clear boundaries and learning to say no is essential for an Empaths wellbeing and health.


Clear The Clutter and Recharge


To be empowered as an Empath we must always keep our energy field clear of clutter and negative emotions from the past and the present and recharge ourselves with positive energy aligning with our hearts calling and sharing our gifts with the world.


The Course teaches Empaths and sensitive people these 3 lessons in an easy to use method to clear out the emotional clutter.  This is the method I applied which radically changed my life from being energetically burdened, it released my hip pain without the need for a hip replacement and freed me from the emotional trauma and suffering I had felt most of my life.



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