Case Stories and Testimonies



Below are real life case stories from my clients outlining their personal crisis or issue.

Under each story is a commentary on how The Course helped the clients particular situation. It demonstrates clearly what the Course will and wont do.

Some clients have also written testimonies and were willing to share their personal results as to how The Course helped them. All testimonies are quoted in the clients own words.

Names, locations, ages and sensitive material have been changed to protect each clients privacy. Photos are not a true portrait of the client. (Photo credits courtesy of Unsplash)






 SUBJECT MATTER: Unplugging The Ex


This is quoted from a clients personal testimony – her name has been changed.


“When I heard about this work I thought at the time it is too good to be true, the skeptic in me said, ‘It can’t be this easy’. I wanted it to be true though, I wanted to believe it would work and most importantly my heart said YES, so I trusted and jumped. Nothing to loose and everything to gain.


My story in a nutshell is an ex partner (14 years we were together) the father of my children, whom I still could not fully extract from my life, even though it has been over eight years since the separation.


From the outside I have well and truly moved on.  I am now in a healthy harmonious relationship and found freedom and love I never knew existed before. With my new partner I feel like a liberated woman in comparison to where I was.


However, the ex’s energy kept crawling into the home. I have tried various sorts of communication approaches over the years including no communication all together as of this year, which gave me breathing room, but I could still feel his energy and it didn’t stop him from contacting me.


The ex is a bully with psychopathic tendencies who after eight years still kept emailing me, calling me, telling me what to do and how to behave. His energy was affecting me, my children and my new relationship to the point where I had had enough, I was so fed up with the whole situation and from that place I signed up.


Within a week I noticed a difference, I felt space from him. I was so surprised and I also thought it’s only been a week, too early to say, wait and see, he could still be making some moves. But it didn’t happen!


Now five weeks down the track he feels completely gone from my being and I don’t feel affected by his energy at all, any more. I can’t even begin to explain how. All I know is what I feel, in regards to him, which is space, like he is in the distance and he doesn’t concern me at all anymore.


I feel so incredibly grateful and happy as this has changed everything for me. In the last week my life has also taken a change of direction in regards to my work, I am following my heart and doing what I love”.

(This is quoted from a clients personal testimony –  her name has been changed).




Alexis’s experience is a good example of how ‘The Course’ assists the deeper work that is necessary to change your circumstances, state of being, mental, emotional, physical state.


Most of my clients come off the back of a recent traumatic experience and the pain and trauma from the experience motivates them to do something about their pain.


This introduces a very important subject: “WHEN PAIN BECOMES YOUR TEACHER”

For Alexis, pain was being endured for 8 years and in that time she and her new partner were continually holding pressure to the unwanted ex partner’s invasion of their private space.


Every situation is unique and different, so we cant generalise here. But usually an ex partner fades out naturally within 3-5 years, this particular individual was certainly holding some kind of grudge or vendetta or revenge towards Alexis and it wasn’t disapating. He was still holding on after 8 years. This effected the new partner, the children and Alexis, eroding Alexis new found love and causing discomfort for everyone involved.


In this particular case I knew Alexis had done a lot of inner work. Holding steady for 8 years with the support of her new partner they had pressed the ex partner’s presence from the inside of the body to her aura.  All the hard inner work had been done. She just didn’t know how to complete this last step which was to clear her ex partner out of her aura and out of her daily experience.

It was as if he was still in the room talking to her even though she wasn’t around him. This was attracting him physically into her life like a magnet i.e.: phone calls, emails, unscheduled visits, drive bys, etc.


When Alexis started The Course she had an immediate sense of freedom because of the inner work she had already done. I know these results are still holding strong 2 years on.


The majority of my clients however, start at the other end when unplugging the Ex. They begin with cleansing the Ex from the aura first – and then start doing the inner work later. Cleansing the aura first gives the client more space and greater clarity to work on these deeper issues with the help from professionals, self help books, courses, groups etc.


The main advantage of removing the Ex from your experience (if it was a poor relationship) is that it makes room for a new relationship which is more in alignment with your beliefs, values, ethics, social behaviour, lifestyle.  If we don’t remove the Ex, we generally find ourselves gravitating back to do it all again with another person.


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SUBJECT MATTER: Transitioning Mid Life Crises


I have had a few years of fairly big change. A marriage separation, falling in love with a woman (having grown up in a very religious family, this has caused a great deal of pain for everyone), I had to change my job which I loved, to one with less responsibility because I wasn’t coping.  All while trying to hold it together for my 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter.  I feel like I’ve spent the last 3 years on an emotional rollercoaster and trying to climb out of a fairly deep hole!  But I’m definitely seeing light at the end of that tunnel, and I’m looking forward to discovering a sense of inner peace & calm, and eventually a feeling of true happiness. After 3 years I am still feeling a high level of stress and anxiety and I’m exhausted at the end of my days. I am hoping The Course can help me.





Bronwyn has done a lot of homework already. She has a positive attitude towards where she is going. She is methodically managing her life to suit her limited physical capabilities at the moment and is aware of keeping a stable home for herself and her children. She is doing a good job. Bronwyn is now ready to launch out into constructing the life she wants.


Can The Course help Bronwyn in that adventure?


Because Bronwyn has 3 years under her belt she has already done a lot of the hard work. The fact that she is feeling exhausted at the end of the day and still feeling strong emotions, tells me from experience, these feelings are sitting in her aura. That was actually the case. Within minutes of starting The Course Bronwyn was experiencing space and freedom. This continued for days after, as she practiced The Course and peeled off layer upon layer of emotional charge from the last few years.

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In the past year, both my parents have died, my daughter left home and a few weeks ago my husband ended our 18 year marriage. I’m 46, looking for full-time work for the first time in many years, and I am no longer a daughter, a wife, or a full-time mother (in the carer sense). I’ve lost the person I thought was my best friend. I’’m exhausted and I need to find my direction so I can rebuild my life. My friend recommended you.





Jennifer has lost her mother and father, her daughter and her husband all in a short space of time. All major significant relationships whom have disappeared from her life. Jennifer has a lot to deal with not only with the loss and grief of loved ones, but there is a need to survive and thrive for the future. The need to survive and thrive is severely anchored by the emotions of loss and grief. It wouldn’t take a lot to become bogged in sorrow and self pity. Not all humans are equal. There are various models of humans that can cope with this type of situation adequately and others who would sink into a sea of emotion that would be overwhelming and could last for years.

Fortunately for Jennifer she’s a model that can ride the challenge set before here in a methodical and rational way.


Jennifers philosophy on life is “It’s all in the attitude”. You change your attitude according to whatever is presented to you and simply get on with it.


However due to persistent heaviness in the chest and difficulty breathing at times, she ended up seeking medical advice. Several tests later the results showed no adverse physical condition.


“It was clear that what I normally do wasn’t working in this situation and I concluded my physical symptoms must be psycho somatic. I didn’t know how to navigate this one so I sort out a trusted girlfriend whom recommended Carla.”


How does The Course benefit Jennifer?


From experience Ive learnt the right questions to ask and it surfaced that Jennifer was reliving her sisters death when Jennifer was six years of age. The loss and grief of her sister harmonised vibrationally with the combined recent loss of her parents, husband and daughter. Her physical symptoms also matched perfectly to when she was six years old. Jennifer is mostly experiencing the loss of her sister even though it appears she is suffering the loss of her immediate family.


Jennifer had been working on the loss of her sister for forty years and had moved the emotion of her sisters death from the inside of the body to the aura by using her strong mental attitude. She is the type of woman who chips away at something every day until she gets the results she wants.


Jennifer had successfully placed the emotional charge into the aura and kept control of it through strong mental practises which she had developed over many years of life experience. Mostly self taught using raw will power she suppressed the memory of her sister’s death in the mind and was able to construct her life free of any damaging effects from this childhood trauma. Now Jennifer is relieving the loss of her sister and the loss of her immediate family and her will power is becoming overwhelmed with the old emotion pressing back into the body mind.


In Jennifer’s testimony she states that once she had mastered The Course around half of the pressure and heaviness on her chest disappeared. She put this down to the fact that the emotional charge from her sisters death had gone because she could now remember the events of the death and the following years afterwards and have no emotional charge. Prior to The Course she wouldn’t even allow herself to remember.


However, what Jennifer did say was she was experiencing quite a lot of grief and shock which she put down to current family loss.  She is now working on this at the moment with her girlfriend. Jennifer was satisfied with her results and appreciated getting movement.


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 SUBJECT MATTER: Higher Self Calling


I have just turned 27 and realise Im not the person I thought I was, as my behaviour is becoming more and more dysfunctional and those around me are making it very clear.

I find myself constantly gravitating towards men, seeking their affection and building emotional connections. This gives me an emotional charge, which I think Im becoming addicted too. My long term partner has become distant and withdrawn because of my behaviour and attention towards other men and I am afraid of loosing him. I recently started seeing a councillor as I am hoping to understand my true self. I came across your website and was intrigued with your story and the work you do. I am wondering if The Course will be of benefit to me?




Kat is running confusion around her need for love and the way that love is being met. What Kat found is she was feeling regret, remorse and devastated when her partner exploded in a fit of strong emotional rage which was completely out of his normal character.


For some reason it brought to the surface a deep longing within her for understanding what love is, the meaning of relationships, her role as a women in her circle of friends and family etc. These are all the things that came out after she did The Course. The Course gave her space to see clearly her old self and the patterns that had been running for years. When she compared her new self to the old self, the new self was much healthier.


What The Course did for Kat?


The Course empowered Kat to move the confusion, the devastation, regret and remorse and gave her space to get clearer direction on how to begin to follow what she coined her true self.

Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay





SUBJECT MATTER: Midlife Crisis


This is rather out of character for me to write and be open about my life but as I see it now, I have nothing to lose. I am one of those fortunate people who has everything I’ve ever wanted. A mortgage free home on the beach in sunny north Queensland, a 24 year marriage to a man whom is caring and kind and a steady and stable job I’ve had for 15 years and enjoy. We have surplus money to take holidays away and travel and I have all the time I need to pursue my much loved hobbies of water sports, yoga and meditation.

For about a year now I have been experiencing more and more anxiety and pain in my body. My yoga and meditation practises don’t seem to be as effective at clearing the pain as they once were in the past.

I have a strange sense that although I have everything, something is missing. My relationships with my family members and close friends seem to be mostly on the surface and I wonder if this has something to do with it?

I also know I have a lot of unexpressed emotion from my childhood due to trauma but are not sure how to release this kind of stuff. I am not one to go to a therapist and talk openly about myself. Could The Course help me to feel more fulfilled in my life?




Terri did The Course on a recommendation from a friend as she liked the idea of remaining private and that she was in control of her progress at a pace that worked for her. She didn’t want to go to a “Shrink” as she said. She was visibly disturbed around the idea of going to see a psychologist. As she said “There was a 100% money back guarantee if I wasn’t satisfied with the results and I knew the results I wanted would be to have no anxiety or pain in my body. That was very clear”.


Several months after Terri completed The Course I received a long email from her outlining the sequence of events and the impact The Course had on her life.


To cut a long story short, Terri expressed she had released a lot of childhood pain and her family of origin issues had begun to become clear. She was also getting a strong message to change her career, to become involved in social work, which she had begun to research with a certain vigor that she hadn’t felt for decades.


Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay



 SUBJECT: Drug Rehabilitation


I am a young single women recovering from depression and drug dependency issues. I am currently attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings and was wondering if The Course can also help me? I am having a lot of trouble with Christmas, Easter and Birthdays as they are triggering me. I’m experiencing extreme loneliness. I am also wanting to get in touch with my spirituality.




One of the major keys to The Course working for Simone is that she is willing to free herself from her addiction. She has clearly indicated this willingness by attending NA’s twelve step program. Being willing may sound strange, but many people have an investment in keeping their dysfunction or illness alive for various reasons despite for some, an enormous amount of effort and energy going into healing. I have found over the years there are people who are self sabotaging their recovery. This is a huge subject and Carolyn Myss has written a great book called Why people don’t heal.


In Simone’s case she has already started the inner work removing toxic, psychic, mental, emotional and physical energies from within. However, she is suffering terribly from the toxic overload still sitting in her aura because of the inner cleanse. It is almost as if she is not recovering because the emotional toxins are still vibrating in the aura and subliminally talking to her.


What Will The Course Do For Simone?


The Course will remove shame, guilt and sorrow, which Simone wasn’t aware of when she first wrote to me. It will also remove 30% of the depression and 50% of the loneliness she was aware of. (Based on my personal experience and feedback from thousands of clients, Ive become attuned to how much will move and how much want, with a reasonable measure of accuracy. I put it into a percentage so that in some way it is easier for my clients to comprehend).


This will give Simone enormous relief as though a huge weight has been taken off her shoulders.


The Course evokes positive emotions and feelings such as encouragement, enthusiasm, empowerment, clear headedness, confidence and offers hope that the effort she has been putting into her recovery so far is paying off. The Course will give Simone space and clarity to carry on with her recovery if she so chooses.


Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay



SUBJECT MATTER: Marriage Breakdown / Extra Marital Affair


Recently I found out my husband was having an affair. Im not sure I can forgive him and get past what he has done.  I am also still not sure, after years of being unhappy in our marriage and then shattered by his affair, that I want to be with him. I do know that I love him but I am still very confused by my roller coaster emotions.  I believe part of my confusion is the disconnect between my head and my heart. My head is telling me one thing and my heart another.

My confidence and sense of reality has totally become undone. I am struggling to find and connect with myself. I feel completely fragile, empty and lost. I’m still in a lot of pain and hurt. I’m constantly in overwhelm struggling with the dark thoughts and imaginations from the betrayal. My nervous system is on high alert and I’m aware that I am tense all the time.

I’ve been seeing a Councillor, I’m making some progress but I’m in two minds as to whether I want to make it work or whether I want to end it and call it quits.

I am hoping The Course can help me heal and find the right path for me. Ultimately I want to live a peaceful life, can The Course help in my situation?




Sadly Beth’s story is a common one. The interpretation of this may sound bazaar but it does make sense if you ponder it long enough.


When two people are in a sexual relationship over an extended period of time, contracted in a marriage or a verbal agreement or partnership made 10, 20, 30 years ago and are living together as one, if one of them has a sexual relationship with another without the consent of the original partner, the perpetrator is introducing their original partner to a 3 way relationship.


If it’s done in secret without consent, the energy of the 3rd person enters into the shared auric space of the original couple. This new energetic signature starts fusing to the unaware partner and causes disruption and severe confusion. The new person introduced will disrupt the old auric harmony of the couple, even if the original partners have been estranged from one another during the past few years.


What The Course Will Do For Beth:


The good news for Beth is that The Course will go to work immediately for the victim in this tragic scenario clearing the energy of the 3rd person out of Beth’s aura.


The Course gives Beth back the control of her own mind and clears out a lot of clutter around her dysfunctional relationship which lead up to this event. Beth is now more in control of herself and not so overwhelmed with emotion and dark thoughts. The Course will also enable Beth more ear play to hear her heart enabling her to make better decisions for her future.


Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay



SUBJECT MATTER: Burn Out, Depression And Anxiety


Hi my name is Rachel and I am currently living on the Gold coast. I have taken 12 months off UNI to recover from burnout and was looking for help to get me back on track in time to start back at UNI this coming July. I have been seeing a naturopath for the past month to help get control of my depression and anxiety. The main thing we have changed is my diet, no sugar, including natural sugars, milk, and high starch carbs. However my main goals are to learn how to listen to my body better and cope with stress, especially at home and during classes. Can The Course help me with this?





Rachel successfully completed The Course and her depression and anxiety disappeared using the method. The idea of burn out was no longer in her vocabulary.


Why did the depression and anxiety leave? I never found out. She simply did the method and it was all behind her.

Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay



SUBJECT MATTER: Over Sensitive


I’m struggling with being so supersensitive to people’s energy when talking to them (or even when not talking to them…). I would like to know more about it, in order to understand it more so it doesn’t effect me.

I think in a way I always knew, but never understood. In the past I’ve spend so much time and energy feeling frustrated because I or other people didn’t understand me. It’s also really scary for me.

I always thought I was a city girl (never lived outside the city) but coming back from holidays I felt how much trouble I have with all the “input” . I always enjoyed going to bars, party, drink, going to festivals, having lots of people around… but it has been taking too much out of me over the last year or so…

In a way, Im very frustrated that I can’t do what I always loved to do (and feel weak), on the other hand I know its not good for me and I should follow another course in life. Its just hard because I feel like i need to leave my old life (and everything I know) behind, and start a new life which I don’t yet know…


SUBJECT MATTER: Depression/Self Distruct

The second thing I’m struggling with is battling my depression and self-destructive nature. Because It really holds me back from being my full potential and that also frustrates me. Because I feel I’m obstructing myself.




Shannon is one of those classic split personality cases “Sinner and Saint”. She has been practicing her sinner life quite happily for many years but as she is approaching her Saturn Return, the saint is beginning to have a loud voice. Remarkably she is able to hear the Saint quite clearly, as she answers a lot of her own questions in her email.


How Will The Course Work For Shannon?


My response to Shannon was that The Course would work for her, as I have seen a few other clients like her. I couldn’t tell her what exactly would change because her model type isn’t very predictable. I reiterated to her there is a 100% money back guarantee if she wasn’t happy with the results.

One thing I could say was her confusion would diminish considerably, as I had seen that happen with the other clients like her. It seems a lot of the Sinner personality disappears from the aura leaving more room for the Saint to turn up and talk.

I didn’t hear back from Shannon, but she didn’t ask for her money back either.

Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay



SUBJECT MATTER:  Sexually Blocked


The issue that has come up for me is around my sexuality. It’s been there for a while but now I realise its even more of an issue than I thought (or hoped).

I think its best described as being sexually blocked due to emotional pain from my lover withdrawing emotionally during sex. Since that night I cant have sex. I feel blocked. At first I thought I just needed some time. But now its just taking too long… I don’t mind feeling heartbroken for such a long time, but not being able to enjoy sex is just not acceptable! And it’s been nearly one year! Im afraid I’m never gonna enjoy sex again without the fear of being hurt.




Women write to me a lot explaining their particular condition or issue they want to address. Often they ask my opinion as to whether The Course can make an impact on the pain and confusion they are experiencing. They are usually lost as to where to go or what to do around the sensitive issue of women’s sexuality.


After re-reading Ambers email several times and tuning in, I got a better sense of what her issue actually was. When she wrote, “The issue has been there awhile” intuitively I picked up it was her Mothers issue which was surfacing in the daughter.


When this happens it can be very confusing. It feels like it is your issue, it plays out as though it is your issue, but it is actually an energy transference issue.


The issue doesn’t belong to Amber it belongs to her Mum and yet it is sitting in Amber’s aura.

I couldn’t  be 100% sure this was the reality of her situation as it was an intuitive hunch, but I knew it was something like it. Unless we did several sessions to dig deep we were not going to find out in a hurry.


What The Course Will Do For Amber:


I felt confident to say yes The Course would bring a lot of relief to Amber and I knew from experience it would provide a major clearing so she would either get over the sexual issues herself or she could seek professional help.


This proved to be correct, without her having to dig deep and find out it was her mothers issue, she was able to release the energy transference gently without any knowledge of what it was related to and her symptoms gradually disappeared.


One of the beauty’s of The Course is that it does not point at anyone in particular,  it focusses on feelings, emotions, thoughts or sensations to find the point of recognition.


Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay






This is quoted from a clients personal testimony – her name has been changed.


“Four days ago, I learnt about this. It didn’t take any convincing for me to sign up – I was desperate for some big-time help!!


For a very long time my thoughts have been dominated by voices of important people in my life i.e.: my mum, ex husband, etc.


When I made a life changing decision a year ago to follow my heart, these dominant voices have kept me stuck in the past, paralysed with moving forward and intent on dragging me back to my old life. When attempting to relax and meditate four days ago, I cried. I was so overwhelmed by the power of these voices/energies which were so strongly dominating my every thought, I signed up that day.


This is what I can tell you so far….


Day 1 – I woke the next morning feeling an incredible sense of calm. Where were all the voices that had dominated my thinking mind forever, telling me how I should be thinking and feeling???? As I attempted to meditate again that morning, I could ‘see’ the people attached to the voices on the ‘outskirts’ of my mind, trying to be heard, knocking to get in, but my mind and thoughts were impenetrable! For me, this was a huge breakthrough! I felt an amazing sense of freedom and space.


Day 2…’They’ were completely GONE! Not even on the ‘outskirts’… that’s freedom!! An incredible pressure had been lifted.


Day 3…Still gone. I can FEEL my heart! It feels calm, open and ‘allowed’ to speak.


Day 4…Still gone… There are no voices….it’s just me & MY heart!

I am very excited to see the potential impact this will have on my everyday life. I will send an update in the coming weeks as more changes unfold….”




“So it’s taken a little longer than a few weeks to send my update, as I continue to experience the changes that have evolved for me over the past 3 months….


During this time, my experience has been like the ‘shedding of an old skin’ (or a lifetime of thought patterns and beliefs!) …and like with many big changes from something so familiar, it hasn’t been without pain and emotional turbulence! However, 3 months down the track, I am so very excited to report that the peace, calm and freedom I felt when I first signed up has prevailed, and has without doubt become a part of my everyday life!


The ‘voices’ that dominated my mind have not returned, and this has allowed me the space to absorb and ‘live’ new ways of believing and thinking. For the first time in my adult life, I feel like I am an independent person, developing my own set of values and beliefs. I feel so much more at ease in my own body.


I’m ‘training’ myself to be conscious of tuning into my feelings and learning to trust my instinct or intuition. This felt impossible before because of my mind continually telling me what I ‘should ‘ be doing and thinking. I feel so free…and excited!!


My relationships with family and those close to me have changed to feel less complicated. I no longer feel angry or resentful, towards both people in my life, and my situation. I now truly see my life experience as a blessing, which has allowed me the most incredible opportunity to awaken and truly live my life with purpose and love. I don’t know if I would have discovered this way of living without this help.

I am so truly blessed.”

(This is quoted from a clients personal testimony – her name has been changed).




Around the 3 month mark Karen is experiencing the deeper inner work starting due to the space she received after working with The Course. I know from talking with Karen she has been reading profusely, joining groups, dance lessons and other things she hadn’t considered before taking The Course. The pain and emotional turbulence that Karen was feeling is from all the inner work she has begun.


When all the voices and mind chatter in her aura were released, Karen felt no pain or emotional turbulence only an incredible sense of calm and space.


99% of The Course clients report a pain free and gentle process.


Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay





SUBJECT: Attracting The Same Type Of Partner Over and Over Again


This is quoted from a clients personal testimony – all names have been changed.


“I have learnt a lot, had a lot of help and seen a lot of people. Carla (and her team) operate in a way that I have never before witnessed and are the only people I have met that can really take you to the next level. Here is my story.


My first relationship was intense, long (13 years to 19 years old) and a huge part of my life. We went through so much together and we really loved each other. Jason* (name changed) took his own life which ended our relationship. Jason was never here to stick around.


Since Jason died (13 years ago) I have had many relationships but unfortunately, I have only been attracting Jason’s – men that don’t stick around and have similar characteristics to Jason – addictions, disloyal behavior etc.


Having done The Course I was able to move Jason on – get rid if him (in a nice way) so that I can now move forward and attract the right person. It all made sense to me once I understood what was going on. I felt a huge shift in me after I went through this process. It was almost as if I could feel Jason leaving my side.


Carla’s research and knowledge becomes obvious when you start working with her. We tackled issues that were so deep I had never even bothered trying and just hoped ‘they would go away’. These issues would always surface and I am just so grateful I came across these amazing people who could actually help me get to where I want to be and put me on the right path.


I am now excited for the future. I am excited to start attracting the right people into my life and that my true path can now start to unfold. Gone is the suffering and, I can now lead a blissful happy life. I would encourage everyone to ‘heal’ and get help from Carla and her team.”

(This is quoted from a clients personal testimony – all names has been changed).




Hannah is now engaged to be married in 2018.




Hannah and I did some inner work after she had completed The Course. Her experience of her ex partner leaving her side happened on The Course.


Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay





SUBJECT MATTER: Hubby’s Work Bully.


Hi, Carla you may remember me I attended your Women’s Retreat in Byron Bay in 2014. I am concerned about my husband Brian, he is becoming withdrawn and depressed and not his usual mellow self. He is an Engineer in a large firm in Brisbane and one of his work colleagues whom he has known for a number of years has become progressively aggressive and abusive towards him, to the point where Brian now wants to change his job.

You may remember one of the women on the retreat had a similar issue at her work. She and I have kept in touch over the years and it was her that suggested I contact you. After the work she had done with you, her bully issue disappeared. She said the women that was constantly harassing her, just lost interest.

Im becoming distressed with Brian coming home each night irritable and Im sure this situation must be affecting his quality of work. He has spoken to two supervisors regarding the situation and was hoping to get a transfer to another location within the city, but nothing has come of that. Is it possible you can do something to help him?




As a feeling person I find it easier to work with women as most are open to their feelings they just need a little help to access them. Men on the other hand are a whole different kettle of fish, “Feelings? What feelings?”

However, I was open to teaching The Course to Brian to see if he could identify a dominant thought and not use feelings at all.

With a bit of coaching Brian successfully found his dominant thought which was “What have I done wrong?” At the point of recognition he immediately felt a sense of relief and even said he remembered thinking this exact same thought when his father often yelled at him as a young boy.


Some weeks later I phoned Helen and Brian out of curiosity to see how things were going at work. Turns out the colleague has changed his approach towards Brian from aggressive to standing off and not engaging Brian at all, which Brian can handle quite well and does not have a problem with it.


How Did The Course Work?


The emotional energy sitting in Brian’s aura was from his childhood and was like a magnet attracting towards him the same kind of personality as his father. This was triggering a memory from 3 years of age and Brian was inverting as he did when he was 3. Now the emotional energy is gone, even though the work colleague is the same person Brian is not triggered, there is no energy to empower that thought.


Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay




SUBJECT MATTER: Relieving Pressure



My name is Anne, you don’t know me, an old school friend of mine suggested I write to you and maybe you can point me in the right direction.

Simply said, my husband of ten years is a blamer. Everyone else has got the problem except him. Unfortunately he is extremely intelligent in a high pressure job and is usually right. However at home he treats us all as employees so his relationship with his family, 2 daughters and myself is reaching a breaking point. Ive talked with him about it, he doesn’t disagree, he just doesn’t know how to relate to females emotionally. Instead he is always trying to fix us.

Yes he has read the Mars and Venus and other similar books, he has the concept, but cant seem to apply it. Do you know of anyone who would be able to coach and council him so he can keep his family.




I was wondering if he wasn’t carrying some type of emotional baggage from his life and that The Course may prove beneficial in relieving the pressure that was obviously building in all of them.

Eventually he agreed to a private coaching session on The Course. When we spoke I was quietly surprised at his humility and willingness. I didn’t actually expect that.


I got feedback from Anne within 5 days.


“He started opening up about his relationship with his mother and started telling me things I hadn’t heard before, sharing with me secrets about family events when he was a child. Even though its not particularly good news that Im hearing at least Im getting a connection with him again. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity you have given both of us. I’ll keep you posted”


Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay



The Course has evolved over years and years of experimenting and lots of real life case studies to the point where I am now confident in going public with it.


I use terminology which comes mostly from books, courses, spiritual teachings, history, some scientific research to explain what I would term unexplainable.


There is a considerable amount of scientific work being done on the aura and that would be the most reliable source of information available to us all, however there is also a lot of fantasy, belief and opinions being presented as fact. I am not a scientist nor a medical practitioner,  I simply wanted to reclaim my weekends back and continue to do the women’s work that I love.  I have found a tool that provides me with exactly that. How it works, why it works, I honestly don’t know. I have developed a language and terminology to explain the unexplainable in the context of the society that I live in, to transmit concepts and ideas to others so that they too may benefit from what I call The Course.


Byron Womens Retreat Byron Bay