Follow Your Heart

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images-1Follow your heart – an inspiring story.

I know, I know, we have heard it all before. New Age, cheesy sayings “follow your bliss, follow your heart, trust your intuition, Let Go Let God.”

But the reality is, are you doing it?

We are continuously presented with opportunities to choose whether to follow our heart or remain in the status quo.  The heart connects you with your higher spiritual aspirations, what you are here for, who you are and how you can serve the planet and others. It places these things of importance first and then all else follows from here.

So this is how you can make your choices to manifest things in the physical world.
If you follow your heart it will choose the direction towards the larger view for your life.
Your mind however can not see this clearly and will make a decision from the rational, logical point of view which is very limited.
The heart speaks very quietly, sometimes only in feelings.
The mind is loud and speaks very forcefully and always seems very convincing and true.

Here is a true story of a woman who chose to follow her heart:

Melissa, my yoga student phoned me with a dilemma.
She had been looking for a house for months and now had one week to get out of the one she was in.
She had found a house in Brunswick Heads (20 minutes drive from Byron Bay) but every time she thought about moving in, her heart said, “No, this isn’t the one”.
She phoned me and asked me what she should do!!

It’s nearly impossible to get a house in Byron at this time of the year and she has a daughter and a dog! I told her this but she said “what if my house is just around the corner and I take this one, and I give up right before the miracle?”
She was feeling a lot of stress and fear and I couldn’t tell her what to do.  I was even too scared to say “follow your heart”.

She decided to take follow her heart and called up the house owner and said she didn’t want it.

The next day a house just around the corner and right by the beach came up and she got it! She moved in the next week.

True Story.

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