Heart Body Soul


Heart Body Soul


The Heart Body Soul Session is a:

  • 1.5hr Intuitive Heart Reading whilst receiving a 1.5hr Signature Healing Massage and costs $250

This intuitive healing treatment has an incredible effect on the body and the nervous system and brings clarity to many confusing issues, while also relieving pain and discomfort.

Ideal if you are wanting to make changes and not sure which way to turn.

Perfect if you feel stuck and at a lose as to what now.

Brilliant if you are ready to stand in your truth and desire to become the women you know you are inside.

Awesome if you know the answer but you need encouragement, acknowledgment, support and reassurance.

It is wonderful for helping clients connect with their deeper truths and how to live a life in alignment with who they truly are.

A Heart Body Soul session is also particularly good when clients have physical pain, disease, or problems that just wont go away with conventional medicine.  The reading gives clarity as to why the clients body is showing these specific symptoms and also how they may heal them and what changes they need to make to bring forth balance and harmony.

A heart reading can be soul healing and body healing. It can help create inner peace and in many ways it gives women permission to take the steps necessary to change their lives.


“Yesterday morning I arrived flustered, frustrated and absentmindedly 45mins early for my Heart, Body, Soul Healing, Reading & Massage with Carla. I was ready to fall in a heap and cry! Carla kindly accommodated my early arrival and welcomed me in to a calm haven where I immediately felt more at ease. Initially I was unsure about the body reading and massage but had been feeling a bit lost with my direction so when I came across her website and saw the massage I thought it might be worth a try. Throughout the reading and massage I felt myself relaxing and finding such clarity about myself and my direction, it was certainly unexpected but was the guidance and emotional release that I needed. Carla is so professional yet warm, honest and real that I felt so comfortable and cared for. In the following 24hours I have become more and more sure about my direction, Carla gave me the support I needed to be myself and live my life. It really is amazing what she can do in 1.5hr session! I’m so grateful to her and am looking forward to visiting again in the near future.” - Georgia, Brisbane



“I have had a number of treatments with Carla over the last 4 years and she always gets right to the heart of whatever is “happening” for me at the time and I am always glad that I have been to see her.  Not only does she find all those physical aches and pains that are the things we easily identify ourselves with, she also finds the aches and pains of the soul and spirit that are much harder to recognise and set right.  Her treatments are holistic and I often come away from our sessions with a new sense of direction and awareness of self, as well as feeling freer in my body.  She has a very rare intuitive ability  to “read” bodies and to pass on her observations.  I would recommend Carla to anyone who is feeling those aches and pains, whether in body or spirit or both.  She is a remarkable practitioner” – Victoria, Wellington, NZ


How does it work?

Carla has an intuitive gift of reading the body.  She did not learn this “special technique” during her massage training, it was something which naturally occurred, when she first started massaging 20 years ago.  She doesn’t use any tools such as tarot cards or a pendulum. Messages naturally come through when Carla opens to the gift during a reading.

When Carla gives a Heart Body Soul session she gives a reading, at the same time as the client receives a full body Signature Healing Massage.  The massage is really effective as it helps relax the body and Carla releases tension areas, muscle knots, tightness, etc which are directly related to the specific issues she is reading.

Carla addresses the tightness in the body and receives information either through clairaudience (which is hearing), clairvoyance (which is seeing) or clairsentient (which is feeling) and shares this with the client as she is massaging them.  This is a very quick way to release the physical symptom effectively and effortlessly with out any pain.


 Heart Body Soul  1.5 hours- $250.

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“After years of receiving treatments from Carla I have come to the conclusion there is none better. Her precision and depth are unsurpassed but ultimately her intuitive gifts are what set her apart from the rest. Carla’s ability to read the body and its story leads you to the heart of the matter and in turn to your own heart. A recommendation is not enough… you must experience it, to believe it.”

– P.S. Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist.


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