Heart Reading




This one hour intuitive, healing reading via Skype has an incredible effect on the body and the nervous system and brings clarity to many confusing issues, while also offering relief from tension and pain.


Ideal if you are wanting to make changes and not sure which way to turn.

Perfect if you feel stuck and at a loss as to what now.

Brilliant if you are ready to stand in your truth and desire to become the women you know you are inside.

Awesome if you know the answer but you need encouragement, acknowledgment, support and reassurance to move forward.


It is wonderful for helping clients connect with their deeper truths and how to live a life in alignment with who they truly are.


A Heart Reading is also particularly good when clients have physical pain, disease, or problems that just wont go away with conventional medicine.  The reading gives clarity as to why the clients body is showing these specific symptoms and also how they may heal them and what changes they need to make to bring forth balance and harmony.


A heart reading can be soul healing and body healing. It can help create inner peace and in many ways it gives women permission to take the steps necessary to change their lives.



Reading the Heart and Its Story




The body is always looking for a state of homeostasis and will consistently move towards this balance point.




The heart, spirit, soul also exists in homeostasis with it’s Creator and desires to fulfil its purpose. If we are out of alignment with our hearts desire this will disrupt our natural balance within.


It will show up in the body as pain or discomfort, the mind as anxiety or excessive thinking, the emotions as imbalanced.




Any stress if not addressed will effect the weakest link, therefore if you have had an injury, prone to sleeplessness, migraines, or bronchitis, an imbalance on the soul, heart, spirit level will usually manifest here first. How else can the heart communicate to us if we will not listen?




If the stress is not addressed and the heart is not heard, the symptoms will remain or become even more exaggerated, calling the person to attention.




Our problem lies in thinking the “symptom is the problem” and it needs to be fixed.




The symptom is actually the heart speaking. It whispers with a slight ache here and a sharp jab there, and if unrecognised it begins to talk louder with consistent pain, shortness of breath or illness.


Even when the heart begins to yell louder “why aren’t you listening to me?” the client in ignorance is searching in the wrong places, a pill, a back crack, a new job, a new relationship, a holiday.  Anything to get rid of the pain and carry on with every day life.




If they are fortunate to find this website and are open to healing and change, Carla has an opportunity to read the body and let it tell us the story. The body never lies and will always communicate what the heart most desires if we have the skills to listen.


Carefully Carla communicates the hearts message and time and time again she gives her clients permission to follow their bliss, fulfil their heart’s yearning and commit to their true passion.

This simple advice and connection to truth, often creates a great sense of relief, resulting in an unwinding of tension and deep inner peace.  More often than not their symptoms completely disappear.



How does it work?

Carla has an intuitive and empathetic gift of reading the body.  She did not learn this “special technique” during her massage or yoga training, it was something which naturally occurred, when she first started working with clients 20 years ago.  She could ‘tune in’ into the deeper layers and subconscious levels often revealing to the client information they already knew but did not ‘consciously realise’.


Time and time again Carla would hear ” I kinda already knew that, but wasn’t sure” or “I’ve been thinking about that, but was too scared to do it” or “Thank you, I really needed to hear that from someone else” or “I knew it!”


Carla doesn’t use any tools such as tarot cards or a pendulum. Messages naturally come through when she opens to the gift during a reading.


Carla receives information either through clairaudience (which is hearing), clairvoyance (which is seeing) or clairsentient (which is feeling) and shares this with the client as she receives the messages.


It is beneficial to book your Heart Reading with a specific request in mind so Carla can tune in and listen to your heart, body and soul as it whispers the answers to her, for her to give to you.


 Heart Reading  1 hour – $150.

Contact Carla to book a Heart Reading online


“After years of receiving treatments from Carla I have come to the conclusion there is none better. Her precision and depth are unsurpassed but ultimately her intuitive gifts are what set her apart from the rest. Carla’s ability to read the body and its story leads you to the heart of the matter and in turn to your own heart. A recommendation is not enough… you must experience it, to believe it.” – P.S. Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist.



“I really was quite distraught regarding how my life was. I lacked hope for the future and I was quite frightened that my life was indeed going to be wasted on mundane, boring, difficult experiences.

Your Heart reading showed me to honour my gifts and listen to my intuition, which I’d been conditioned not to do for so long. You have re-connected me to my true being. It is the most precious gift. I have been given. I had tried so hard, to logically define myself and made decisions based on what would suit other people, not fully aware how damaging to my true self that would be. Sometimes, it simply is a matter of trusting your heart and listening to another perspective that can tune into the core issues.

I would ask that anyone considering having a Heart reading to trust, surrender and let the inner wisdom that Carla tunes into, speak”.  Sarah B. Victoria, Australia



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