How to declutter your wardrobe

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How to Declutter Your Wardrobe

with help from a Friend



Decluttering can be more fun and less traumatic when you have someone to share the experience with.


In theory “keep what you love, throw what you don’t” sounds easy, but it can be tougher than we might think.


Because women are ’emotional feeling beings’, we tend to get emotionally attached to our things. Some things remind us of loved ones, others bring back nostalgic memories of fun times and some have hooks that go right into our hearts.


Some years ago I spent the day with a girlfriend decluttering her bedroom. We reorganised and tidied the wardrobe, her drawers and everything on her table surfaces.


She had a wardrobe full of stuff – including pregnancy clothes (Her children were now 5 and 7), heirlooms from her Swedish Grandmother and drawers full of Swedish clothes and unused (or more correctly never to be used) presents from well meaning Swedish relatives. Yes, you guessed it, Brigid was Swedish but she had been living overseas for the past twenty years.


We made 3 piles:


Are you kidding me! – This was the reaction to something that had to go! It was outdated, old, the wrong colour (for her swedish complexion) wrong style for her body shape, no longer fitted or because she hadn’t worn it for years etc. Basically this pile was a clear and resounding ‘NO’.


Nice one – A thumbs up to keep it because it brought Brigid joy, looked good on her and fitted well.


Unsure – There were some items Brigit found hard to let go of, so we put them in the “Lets Decide Later” pile.







Hours, and I mean hours later, we had decluttered her entire room.


We were both exhausted from the variation of emotions we had experienced from tears to laughter. But we also felt a deep sense of peace like we had achieved something great.


Brigid released years of attachments and let go of baggage not only from her room but also from her mind, body and soul.


At the end of the ordeal she was happier, her face glowed and she even looked years younger.


The next day 5 full rubbish bags went to the charity shop for others to enjoy.


If you feel unmotivated and overwhelmed about the idea of decluttering your wardrobe, your over stuffed drawers or your table tops that are covered in things, you don’t need to do it all on your own, it doesn’t have to be a solo adventure.


Ask a friend to support you.


It’s always more fun with a friend.


Organise a day, some drinks and nibbles and make a commitment to declutter your room one small step at a time.


It will be an enriching experience for both of you. I highly recommend it.



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