How to find a good massage therapist

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back_massageThere are a few important things to consider when looking for a good massage therapist:

1. Experience out weighs qualifications – Yes qualifications are important but ultimately massage is an intuitive art form and comes down to years of practice.  Having taught massage for 14 years I can count on one hand the students who have ‘the gift of touch’.  If you add years of experience on top of that you have found yourself a really good therapist.   I always look for massage therapists with at least ten years experience but I would prefer to give my body to someone who has fifteen years or more.  I have nineteen years experience and I can look back and see how much I have grown in skill and in intuition over the years, purely because of the number of different bodies I have worked with during this time.

2. Look for a massage therapist that is skilled – For example if you have back pain, arthritis, cancer, pregnancy etc look for therapist who has worked with clients with the same concern as you.  Not every therapist is skilled in pain relief, pregnancy etc.  And if you have cancer or chronic pain it takes a compassionate therapist to understand your condition and work with you.

3. A recommendation is always best – If you can find a recommendation it is always a good place to start.  Otherwise it is a matter of phoning a few therapists and then explaining what you require and then asking these two important questions:

Do you have experience with my condition? And how many years have you been practicing massage?

4. Check out reviews – I ask all my clients to write a review about their experience because I find this is another sure way you can find out what other people think without directly speaking to them. is a great website that I use, because it is a secure and honest system which prevents false reviews from being written.

5. Connection is so important – Ultimately the power of touch works via a loving connection.  The most important aspect of a massage is that you feel safe, relaxed and are able to surrender and let go.  Then it is up to your massage therapist to channel loving energy through his/her hands and heart and create a wonderful healing conduit for your greater well being.  This is how the magic of massage happens.

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