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Improve your sexlifeDid you know Kegel exercises can improve your sex life and your orgasms, along with a whole host of other benefits as well?

In the 1940s, Dr. Arnold Kegel began to prescribe an exercise to women who were having problems with incontinence. That exercise known as the Kegels, is the repeated engagement of the pubococcygeus muscle, also known as the PC muscle. (This is the muscle which helps stop the flow of urine). But not only did the women find contracting their PCs helped with their incontinence, but they also noticed that it had beneficial effects on their sex life.


Regular Kegel exercises offer up a host of other benefits as well. The PC muscle is what holds your bladder, your uterus, and your bowels in place. A strong PC will help maintain the placement of these vitals.


Most pregnant women will be familiar with the Kegel exercises as they are often prescribed for the final stage of pregnancy and for the first weeks after giving birth. Also some postmenopausal women find Kegel exercises help them to maintain lubrication because of the daily increase in blood flow to that area.


To reap the benefits of the Kegel’s, like any exercise, they must be done regularly, and at least 3 times a day if you want to feel a difference “down there”.


If your not feeling a difference yet, it’s because you are not doing them often enough and it does take around 3-4 weeks to notice the benefits.  Hang in there because if you have the patience and the discipline you will be rewarded with greater pleasure feelings and orgasms, and if you have a partner they too will reap the consequences of your diligent actions. 


How to Kegel:


First squeeze the vaginal muscles the ones you use to stop the flow of urine and hold for a count of 10 seconds. Do not contract your thighs, buttocks or abdominal muscles.

Relax for a count of 5.

Then repeat.

Do 5 sets, 3 times a day. Consistency is the key and you will notice results in 3-4 weeks.


Your Challenge:

Ok, so here’s your challenge: Make Kegeling a part of your daily routine. Do it while brushing your teeth, standing in the line at the supermarket, answering your morning emails. The goal here is to remember 3 x a day!


Remember the Why?:

Great orgasms and keeping your bits working into old age.







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