Intuitive Coaching


Additional Coaching Sessions for Clients

working with The Course


Intuitive Coaching Sessions are the best way to keep your energy moving while working with The Course.


Carla offers her insightful Heart Readings to provide clarity, reassurance and support as she guides you step by step through The Course method to clear the clutter.


Her working knowledge with the bigger issues makes releasing them much easier as she intuitively reads the energy, pinpointing the hidden roots and getting right to the heart of the problem.


“You really have an extraordinary gift. Thank you Carla for triggering new understandings and encouraging me to honor my ways of knowing” Kirsty. Sydney, Australia



Intuitive Coaching Sessions with Carla will bring light to any issue you may have, she will answer any questions and will help you accurately identify the feeling, thought, emotion or sensation to immediately clear the clutter and move on.


A healing balm for the soul, her Intuitive Coaching Sessions offer you extra support and guidance when needed and keep you moving forward as you continue practicing The Course method to clear the blocks and transform your life.


“Carla has a very rare intuitive ability  to “read” bodies and to pass on her observations.  I would recommend Carla to anyone who is feeling those aches and pains, whether in body or spirit or both.  She is a remarkable practitioner”. Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand



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“What I gain from your sessions the most is your ability to read with insight and intuition. I feel like you take the messages which you receive and hold them gently in offering to me, so that I can receive them. This gentle and loving process is laced with your humor and understanding and always leaves me feeling cared for and understood”. Tanya. Byron Bay, Australia




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