Intuitive Travel

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Intuitive travel



Have you ever wanted to go some place different, off the beaten track, a path less travelled?


And yet, when you share your dream with others they reply “Why on earth do you want to go there?”


But you cant really answer them because you don’t really know. Its just a feeling, a pull of the heart, a gut instinct or a small whisper faintly heard when you were caught unawares.


These people, you know the ones. The ones that look afraid when you mention your travel dream and yet are quick to reassure you they have your best interest at heart. Well, be warned, because these well caring people, they are your dream killers, your heart crushers, your intuitive travel stoppers.


Ive met plenty of them. They are cleverly disguised, so don’t be fooled. You will recognise them only by their story. A very serious and scary travel story about someone they have heard of, that something terrible happened to, while travelling to the exact same country you are considering travelling alone to. What makes their story so convincing, is not only the theatrical gestures and concerned expressions but this very story, it is never told by one, but told by many.


Being a solo female traveller draws these stories out of your loved ones like a moth to a flame. Believe me, when it comes to a single female travelling to India alone, (prior to the internet and smart phones) I heard it all.


It took me four years to eventually set my feet on the great Mother Land because I believed in other peoples doubts, fears and horror stories. Trust me, everyone has a scary story about India. Cults, rape, murder, missing persons, sickness, disease and even death. And it could very possibly happen to me. Yip I heard it all.


Eventually I realised I had to make a decision to either believe in myself, trust my intuition and follow my hearts calling or believe in what the world was telling me and give up on my dream.


I chose to believe in myself. And with an openhearted resolution to follow my intuition I purchased my solo ticket to India the very next day and was on a plane a few weeks later. I was 29 at the time and now in my 40’s I’ve returned to India three times to experience her majesty and miracles, all thanks to that one decision, I made all those years ago to trust my intuition.


As the years have passed I have become a dedicated advocate for intuitive travel and love following my heart to distant lands. I always trust my intuition as it has never led me down the wrong path or got me into trouble. More accurately intuitive travel has taken me to special places to meet amazing people and experience incredible things.


5 Ways to know if you are an Intuitive Traveller:


1. You don’t know why you want to travel to that country/place/city, it just gives you a good feeling when you think about it.


2. You don’t know all the logistics i.e.: if you can get time off work or leave your job, rent out your house or find the money but you do have a strong sense it will, somehow, all work out.


3. You have never been there before, and you are unsure whether any of your friends would be willing to go with you. However, you feel unwittingly courageous and excited about the prospect of a solo adventure to a foreign land if no one wants to join you.


4. Everyone you tell will probably tell you it’s a crazy idea!


5 You trust your intuition, you believe in yourself, you follow your heart and you go anyway.


Maybe you have some questions about Intuitive Travelling? Ask them in the comments below. Or share your intuitive travel experiences.



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