My Self Healing Journey – Part 1

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I often get asked about my self healing journey and so Ive decided to share it with you.

Its been a long journey, spanning over thirty years, so Im going to break it up into transformational stages which always seem to happen in different countries around the world. The first country was London and the first stage was when I became a Seeker or Way Finder. Back then I was seeking or looking for a way to relieve my pain, naturally. But over the years Ive realised I was really seeking or finding my way back to Love, Truth, God.


It all began when I deviantly said “no” to having more surgery at the young age of fifteen. I had already had six operations by that time and the pain, well it just kept coming. I found myself in the surgeons office six years later with too much pain to bear. My hip joints were now so arthritic I needed both hips replaced but was still too young. “Go away, take pain killers and ride it out as long as possible” my Orthopaedic Surgeon said to me. I was only twenty one.


Some part of me (whom I will call the Victim), looked down that road and only saw darkness. I was overwhelmed with guilt, shame and remorse, feeling responsible for delaying a simpler surgery all those years ago. I felt depressed and hopeless, unwilling to take painkillers for any length of time, I really didn’t know what to do.


Another part of me (whom I will call the Way Finder ), moved me to buy a one way ticket to London and there I discovered a booming epi-centre of alternative and complementary therapies. It was 1990 and in New Zealand at that time Doctors were God and no one was promoting self healing.


I had no idea about the possibility of self healing, I had always been under the jurisdiction of the medical system. I began slowly by picking up flyers, books from the library, health magazines and reading everything I could find. I then attended health expo’s, booked appointments for osteopathy, shiatsu massage, reiki, had my tarot cards read and began visiting health shops to buy food.  I began swimming everyday and became vegetarian.


I had one sole focus: to find a way to relieve pain in my body, naturally, without medication and without surgery. I also had a very strong belief that the reconstructive surgery I had of cutting bone off my pelvis and recreating a socket to lock my hip ball into place was the cause of my pain. And of course when I showed therapists my gruesome scars and shared my emotionally charged hospital stories they tended to agree with me. I was convinced and now so were they, feeling less than adequate to fix something that was structurally damaged, I seemed to be at a  (self created) loss with most of the alternative practitioners I saw.


However, a pivotal change came when I hitchhiked to Germany (in the snow, thats how determined I was) to attend a seventeen day fast on a world renowned Medical Fasting Clinic. If what I had been saying about the surgery being the cause of my pain was true, not eating for seventeen days would have made no difference. But the fact was the pain in my body totally disappeared. I walked out after three weeks, like I was walking on air, and that belief which was holding my pain in place…. disappeared.


Slowly overtime as I went back to the stresses of everyday life in the big city and eating my English diet, the pain and stiffness did return. But the Victim in me was loosing her grip,  I was becoming more aware of the power I had to heal myself. Through experience I was feeling the effect food, stress and toxins were having on my body and as I experimented with changing these things, I stopped believing I was structurally and physically doomed.


My adventure lasted two years in London and I left feeling stronger, more empowered and armed with a deeper sense of self awareness and knowledge.

But another piece to my self healing puzzle would be revealed when I made a stopover in Thailand on my way home. Another piece to the puzzle that would radically change the course of my life.

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  1. What a great story I am waiting for the next part.It is always wonderful to hear another seekers story and I particularly relate to healing your own illness.My G.P.
    recently commented she didn’t feel over the years that they had been able to do much for me but that I had found answers myself,she did however give me a gift by saying that and I am still a work in progress but validation is wonderful.
    Thankyou for sharing Regards Suzanne

  2. Hi Suzanne, thanks for taking the time to comment and share your story. Here is the link to Part 2:

    Part 3 is coming..

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