A women only retreat

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Health retreats, spiritual journeys, yoga and meditation, personalised travel for solo woman travellers and Summerlove Gatherings 2017


“Right from my first contact with Carla it was apparent that I would be well looked after during my stay. With the opportunity to individualise my package to accommodate date changes and include specific treatments it was the perfect combination of rest and relaxation. Along with relaxing massages and facials this was truly a worthwhile escape and something I would recommend every woman experiences at least once.”

Donna J, Gold Coast.


Fancy a getaway to the far north for a tropical Queensland holiday?

Sunny days, palm trees, white sandy beaches and a women’s gathering to put you right on track with your hearts calling for 2017 and beyond. Click here to find out more about the Summerlove Gatherings.



Byron Women’s Retreat offers you health retreats, Summerlove Women’s Gatherings and spiritual journeys focused solely on your needs by:

  • Giving you personal one on one attention, focusing on what is important to you, including your goals, what you want to work with, let go of, or create while you are on retreat
  • Helping you relieve tension, connect to our intuition and make healthy lifestyle choices while supporting you in a nurturing, enjoyable and natural environment
  • Guiding you forward with informative classes and educational sessions, so you can increase your personal knowledge about health & wellbeing, work-life balance, mind body and soul healing, intuition, self care and self nurturing, nutrition, meditation and yoga.
  • Helping you to release stress, tight muscles and fatigue with healing therapies and yoga classes, introducing you to new and easy ways to relax
  • Pampering and nurturing you with luxurious massage and divine organic facials
  • Providing you with “Do it yourself” take home plans so that you can implement all that you learn into everyday life
  • Offering you absolutely the best way to maximize your time and budget with affordable pricing and professional services


From January to March 2017 we bring you the

Summerlove Gatherings in Cairns and Byron Bay


“What a wonderful hideaway in an ideal setting – perfectly complementing a relaxing retreat. Carla’s natural warmth was as evident face to face as it was in her therapies. A truly refreshing experience. Thank you!”

- Rachel M, Brisbane, Australia


“Thank you so much for creating this space and opportunity for women.  It was exactly what I needed! And thank you for all the little treats to take home and support myself”.

O.M, Victoria, Australia


Perfectly, positively peaceful. A most calming space with beach, bike riding, walking, massage and of course, great company! Thanks Carla”

- D. J, Queensland, Australia