The following testimonials, gratitude and praise are from clients who have stayed at the Byron Women’s Retreat, or attended massage sessions, courses, workshops, and readings. They are in no certain order.




I am a 65 year old medical practitioner who has explored many modalities of touch in my search to feel good within my body and maintain health. Carla’s formal training in massage, together with her intuitive hands have been the most wonderful experience and have had the most long lasting benefits of any of the touch therapies I have experienced. Her amazing gentle strength and sensitivity to the client have meant that I have never experienced the same process twice and each session was the most appropriate for me at the time.

Everyone that I have recommended to make an appointment with Carla have given me nothing but glowing feedback on her skill, sensitivity and professionalism.

– Dr Tony Z.  GP, Melbourne, Australia




I have chronic pain in my shoulders and neck so I’m always in search of a good massage. Having tried everything from shiatsu to swedish, thai bodywork to tui na, and pretty much everything else in between, few have impressed me as much as Carla’s bodywork treatment. My massage with Carla has to be one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Carla’s intuitive ability to assess the body’s pain and relieve its stress is amazing. Her technique is both incredibly calming and healing. I anticipated a deep tissue approach to my shoulder and hip pain, but Carla’s gentle technique was a pleasant surprise and proved more affective than other massages I’ve had. I left feeling centered and renewed…and I called the next day to make another appointment! I would be going back regularly if I lived in Byron, and I couldn’t recommend her enough. She is wonderful!

– Catherine C, New York City, USA


“I contacted Carla because I felt stuck, uninspired and had no idea how to move forward with my business.  I had just left a job that had zapped a lot of my passion and energy and I had thought that leaving would give me the freedom I needed to go out on my own.
However, I was still carrying around so many unnecessary thoughts, feelings and emotions that were blocking my clarity, focus and creativity.  These thoughts were making me feel overwhelmed, heavy and made me doubt every single decision or action I was taking with my business.
During the process of the Course we worked on them clearing them one by one.  Immediately I felt different, the heaviness lifted, the creativity flowed and I realised how much all of the negative energy I was holding was weighing me down.  When I would identify a feeling or emotion and started naming it I started to realise that I was making it much bigger than it really was.
Just a few weeks on and already things are happening in leaps and bounds, I’m making more connections, therefore getting more clients and getting the confidence to put myself out there more.
I love working with Carla she always inspires me to be my most authentic self and remind me of the gifts I have to share with the world. I was originally unsure about the Skpe thing but after mulling over it all for a few weeks I realised it was Carla that I really wanted to work with again so decided I just had to give it a try!”

– Simone, Style With Soul, Melbourne


“I am grateful for Carla’s Coaching Course as I feel so much lighter. Having limiting beliefs about my appearance, with constant self judgement for so many years, now it is like a weight has been lifted. I’m feeling so much better in myself.
Also I’ve been aware of an enormous feeling of guilt I’ve been carrying regarding my teenage son from when he was only a baby & within an instant with Carla’s knowledge, love and support, I was able to clear it. I am now feeling gratitude and love towards him and are able to freely communicate with him with much more ease.
So many great things are happening in such a short time, I am so blessed.
I’m clearing on the run and throughout the day. eg- Whilst in the car, something as simple as a song coming on the radio in which I usually would turn off as it brings up unwanted memories. I thought ‘yes’ I’m going to use my tools and just like that, the emotions left 🙂
My life now feels like it’s filled with wisdom & possibilities instead of my limiting beliefs which were holding me back. I am now bringing happiness & love into my life.”

– Tammy G, Australia


Four days ago, I learnt about Carla’s work. It didn’t take any convincing for me to sign up – I was desperate for some big-time help!!
For a very long time my thoughts have been dominated by voices of important people in my life i.e.: my mum, ex husband, etc.
When I made a life changing decision a year ago to follow my heart, these dominant voices have kept me stuck in the past, paralysed with moving forward and intent on dragging me back to my old life. When attempting to relax and meditate four days ago, I cried. I was so overwhelmed by the power of these voices/energies which were so strongly dominating my every thought, I signed up that day.

This is what I can tell you so far….

Day 1 – I woke the next morning feeling an incredible sense of calm. Where were all the voices that had dominated my thinking mind forever, telling me how I should be thinking and feeling????  I felt an amazing sense of freedom and space.

Day 2…’They’ were completely GONE! Not even on the ‘outskirts’… that’s freedom!! An incredible pressure had been lifted.

Day 3…Still gone. I can FEEL my heart! It feels calm, open and ‘allowed’ to speak.

Day 4…Still gone… There are no voices….it’s just me & MY heart!

-R.O, Melbourne, Australia



It was such a pleasure to meet you today, I am so grateful for your beautiful energy and treatment, I honestly feel amazing after your healing massage. I knew from the very first line of the first review I read about your work that I needed to meet you on my journey to Byron Bay and am truly better for the experience. You will see me next time I visit and the next and the next!!

– Jemma U, Australia


I need to thank you…I am back into yoga and exercise all thanks to you! So a huge big thank you!
Sometimes I think we forget how we can touch other peoples lives and never realize what/how we do actually effect others….I often think of you…I came back a new person!

– Sue R, Noosa


When I heard about Carla’s work I thought at the time it is too good to be true, the skeptic in me said, ‘It can’t be this easy’. I wanted it to be true though, I wanted to believe it would work and most importantly my heart said YES, so I trusted and jumped. Nothing to loose and everything to gain.

My story in a nutshell is an ex partner (14 years we were together) the father of my children, whom I still could not fully extract from my life, even though it has been over eight years since the separation.

From the outside I have well and truly moved on.  I am now in a healthy harmonious relationship and found freedom and love I never knew existed before. With my new partner I feel like a liberated woman in comparison to where I was.

However, the ex’s energy kept crawling into the home. I have tried various sorts of communication approaches over the years including no communication all together as of this year, which gave me breathing room, but I could still feel his energy and it didn’t stop him from contacting me.

The ex is a bully with psychopathic tendencies who after eight years still kept emailing me, calling me, telling me what to do and how to behave. His energy was affecting me, my children and my new relationship to the point where I had had enough, I was so fed up with the whole situation and from that place I signed up.

Within a week I noticed a difference, I felt space from him. I was so surprised and I also thought it’s only been a week, too early to say, wait and see, he could still be making some moves. But it didn’t happen!

Now five weeks down the track he feels completely gone from my being and I don’t feel affected by his energy at all, any more. I can’t even begin to explain how. All I know is what I feel, in regards to him, which is space, like he is in the distance and he doesn’t concern me at all anymore.

– A.A, New Zealand


I feel so incredibly grateful and happy as this has changed everything for me. In the last week my life has also taken a change of direction in regards to my work, I am following my heart and doing what I love”.

It was great to stay with Carla. Close enough to Byron Bay but not in the busy center, 2 minutes from a paradise beach where I saw a rainbow behind turquoise water and golden sand.. Aboriginal lake with healing powers ;-), painting workshop, vegan market, biking, nature; perfect place for a few days retreat. Carla, thank you so much for your lovely presence & amazing massage. I will come again!

– Mieke K, Consultant, Netherlands


Thank you so much for your generosity, kindness and nurturing during my last visits to you. Have to say I am really looking forward to returning, I felt so “connected” to you and I learned so much.

– Caroline M, Melbourne, Australia



Carla is a truly wonderful masseuse. Healing touch with a rich and sensual grace. I felt a deep connection and trust with Carla, an experience that enlivened body and soul.

Dr Belinda L, Australia



I find Carla Ireton who operates Byron Women’s retreat and day spa to be the best masseuse I have ever experienced. All of my friends who visit Byron have had a “Carla experience” and all have emerged with a promise to themselves, that time with Carla will always be a priority when next they visit.

– Joy M, Byron Bay, Australia


I visited Carla while on holiday in Byron and was treated with a heart body soul healing massage & reading. When I arrived I was feeling out of sorts, tense and a little confused about direction and when I left I felt calm, centered, balanced and clear about a lot of things! The massage was relaxing and Carla really opened me up emotionally in a very gentle way. I highly recommend her, and I will definitely be back next time I am in Byron. I can only imagine how wonderful all her other treatments are.

Lisa, Sydney


After an intensive personal growth workshop, this was the perfect place to rest and integrate.  The massage grounded me again! Thank you Carla for all your support.

– Kath C, Melbourne


A Heart Reading with Carla is a uniquely relaxing and enlightening experience. Let her take your thoughts to unexplored places, relax and be receptive to having your mind opened to fresh ideas and directions while your body unwinds under a calming massage. Enjoy emerging grounded, rested – and inspired.

– Edna C. Mullumbimby, Australia


Thank you for my much needed healing time and space. It was very special. I trust you will continue to spread your healing magic to those who are in need. Keep up the good work.

– Tash W. Yoga teacher & massage therapist, NZ



I am very grateful for being led to you whilst staying at Suffolk Park. I really was quite distraught regarding how my life was. I lacked hope for the future and I was quite frightened that my life was indeed going to be wasted on mundane, boring, difficult experiences.

Your session taught me to honour my gifts and listen to my intuition, which I’d been conditioned not to do for so long. You have re-connected me to my true being. It is the most precious gift. I have been given. I had tried so hard, to logically define myself and made decisions based on what would suit other people, not fully aware how damaging to my true self that would be. Sometimes, it simply is a matter of trusting your heart and listening to another perspective that can tune into the core issues.

I would ask that anyone considering having a Heart reading to trust, surrender and let the inner wisdom that Carla tunes into, speak.

– Sarah B. Victoria, Australia


I couldn’t have found a better place for the new year and my many resolutions.  The place has a calmness to it that helps you to recharge. And the massage is worth trying. Sorted my aches and pains right out. Thank you Carla.

Nona A, Wales, United Kingdom.


Perfectly, positively peaceful. A most calming space with beach, bike riding, walking, massage and of course, great company! Thanks Carla

Donna J, Queensland, Australia


What a wonderful hideaway in an ideal setting – perfectly complementing a relaxing retreat. Carla’s natural warmth was as evident face to face as it was in her therapies. A truly refreshing experience. Thank you! 🙂

– Rachel M, Brisbane, Australia



I have personally found significant improvement in my health and well-being since I have been attending treatments with Carla and would recommend her highly as a very competent and professional practitioner.

– Dr Andrew C. Tauranga, NZ


My stay at the Byron Women’s Retreat was truly transformative.The house has a quiet calming energy, and Carla keeps it clean and inviting. I made the trip here with my sister, so we each rented a room which worked out great. We rode our bikes every morning, walked to get our daily coffee fix, took frequent strolls on the beautiful Tallows beach, and cooked at least one meal a day together. How I miss our lovely routine at the Retreat! Suffolk Park was the perfect location for a peaceful getaway with the beach only a skip and a hop away, and the town center easily accessible. Coming from NYC, I was hesitant – and resistant – to letting go of the hustle and bustle of the big city and just immersing myself in the slow, soft pace of Byron Bay, but it was the best possible three weeks I could have imagined and it wouldn’t have been possible without the Byron Womens’ Retreat. Carla’s amazing presence made the stay so much more memorable, and I miss her incredible massages! I left the retreat feeling renewed and reconnected, and I cannot wait to go back.

– Catherine C, Architect, USA


The healing course I attended with Carla was facilitated professionally and taught with an expertise and honesty I have not experienced since.  It is a rare gift you can give yourself, I highly recommend it.

– Megan C. Bikram Yoga Teacher, Wellington, NZ


I very much enjoyed my short stay at the Byron Women’s Retreat and found the quiet space I so much needed, while feeling wonderfully looked after, great massage! Thank you.

– Monika K, Singapore


Thank you for a life changing experience! I feel fantastic…

– Julie. Brisbane, Australia



You really have an extraordinary gift. Thank you Carla for triggering new understandings and encouraging me to honor my ways of knowing…

– Kirsty M. Sydney, Australia


Carla’s teaching method is simple and powerful.  She has a wealth of knowledge and her intuition is acute.

– JB, Lennox Head, Australia


A huge thank you for creating such a “space” to just BE! Your retreat and your energy is special. Amazing intuitive massage – beautiful. And a special thank you to Greg for his amazing insights.

– Sue R, Noosa, Sunshine Coast


“I came to Yoga 4 Women to nurture myself and reconnect my wondering mind with my body at the end of the day. Carla has a remarkable way of creating a peaceful and safe space for women to completely relax, let go and be present. I leave feeling rested and centered, and always sleep really well afterwards. Definitely recommend and look forward to future classes”

– Elisabeth

“I didn’t really thank you for the awesome yoga. It really was incredible. I was SO ridiculously sore (in that nice way) the next day and today also. Which is kinda strange because as I said to a mate, it was so gentle it was almost like an excuse to sleep on warm carpet…”

– Rebecka

“I loved yoga last night. I slept really well and I felt really good this morning!!! Less pain than usual. Just tightness around my thoracic which I wasn’t surprised by. I would love to book in to come continuously.  Thank you Carla”

– Melissa

I had the most amazing time on the Replenish Retreat. You are a true blessing to this world.  Thank you Carla

– Tahlia P, NSW, Australia


I have a feeling of wellness, aliveness and being energetically aligned.  A truly inspiring and healing course.

– Natalie. Byron Bay, Australia


Carla is the most gifted masseuse that I have ever met.  She has an amazing awareness of the body and an intuitive way of knowing which areas need the most attention. She has a wonderful grounded approach and is interested in not only what’s going on with your body, but in who you are.  I always leave her sessions with an amazing peace in my mind, body and soul.

– Emily M. Yoga Students, Sydney, Australia


After years of receiving massages from Carla I have come to the conclusion there is none better. Her precision and depth are unsurpassed but ultimately her intuitive gifts are what set her apart from the rest. Carla’s ability to read the body and its story leads you to the heart of the matter and in turn to your own heart. A recommendation is not enough… you must experience it to believe it.

– Paul S. Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist,  NZ




Several months ago I started to experience headaches, pain in my neck, shoulder, wrist and back from repeated welding work. I had to stop work as it worsened to the stage of continuous pain. Over the past few weeks I have been having weekly sessions with Carla, and I am now working most days pain free along with weekend farm work.

– Grant S. Welder & Farmer, NZ


Such an effective massage that creates instant relief.  Carla is very good at what she does and is able to teach with such clarity.

– BN, Ballina


Dear Carla, I Just wanted to say thank you for our session we all had together, amazing stuff! You answered a few questions that I had had in my head for a long time…so thank you!  Feeling quite strange since I returned especially with people…I do know that my grief has gone which is amazing and will use the knowledge I have gained this weekend with two clients that I know will benefit from it, will let you know the outcome. Thanks again.

S.R, Queensland

My stay at the Byron Women’s Retreat was so much more than I expected. Carla’s home is beautiful, peaceful, Loving and so close to the beach! She was accommodating, relaxed and I left feeling like I’d made a friend for life. I can’t wait to stay with her again! Her massages are 10/10 and are a must for anyone who stays with her. You are close to town (12 min bike ride for me) but also a good distance away from town. Best of all you come home feeling like you had a true break.

-Hayley R, Melbourne, Australia


Thank you so much for creating this space and opportunity for women.  It was exactly what I needed! Thank you for all the little treats to take home and support myself.

O.M, Victoria, Australia


Idyllic, peaceful, clean accommodation, so close to everything! And the treatments provided by Carla were amazing. Thank you.

– Pam O, Brisbane, Australia



In 40 years of massage, Carla’s massages are the most uplifting and energizing I have ever experienced…

– Bev. Melbourne, Australia


Everyone should treat themselves to one of Carla’s signature massages. With her great intuitive skills, she doesn’t only make contact with your body, but also with your soul and gets straight to the heart of the problem. This is not just a massage, this massage can change your life!

– Marije d, Social Worker, Netherlands


Thank you Carla, this week has been MEGA, a lot of letting go and forward movement! I am in total integration. You are amazing at what you do!

– Natalia. Byron Bay, Australia.


Thank you Carla for helping me figure “it” out! …

– Erica. Nimbin, Australia


For the past 30 yrs I have had at times severe lower back pain. There has been endless visits to doctors, osteopaths and chiropractors and money spent on pain killers. Doctors suggested spinal fusion. I declined. In just 5 treatments with Carla my back has not felt this good in 30 years.

–  Paddy F. Gardner, Tauranga, NZ



If you want a massage with someone who understands on both a physical and emotional level how to work your body then this is the person for you.  Carla has a magical touch and your body is taken on a journey and you will want to go back for more.  Carla has massaged myself and partner for a number of years and I cannot find anyone else that has been able to do the same for my body. All I can say is give her a go and you won’t be disappointed

–  Jenny & Dave M. Tauranga NZ


I have had a number of treatments with Carla over the last 4 years and she always gets right to the heart of whatever is “happening” for me at the time and I am always glad that I have been to see her.  Not only does she find all those physical aches and pains that are the things we easily identify ourselves with, she also finds the aches and pains of the soul and spirit that are much harder to recognise and set right.  Her treatments are holistic and I often come away from our sessions with a new sense of direction and awareness of self, as well as feeling freer in my body.  She has a very rare intuitive ability  to “read” bodies and to pass on her observations.  I would recommend Carla to anyone who is feeling those aches and pains, whether in body or spirit or both.  She is a remarkable practitioner

– Victoria. Yoga Teacher, Wellington, New Zealand


In the few short months that I have been seeing Carla, my migraines, nausea and dizziness have greatly decreased. Carla has a very healing, caring and soothing nature, and her intuitive understanding of how to work with the body is her true gift

– Bec D. Suffolk Park, Australia


Thank you Carla for an amazing retreat, without having to travel too far!  The time to reflect, be pampered and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings was just what I needed to recharge and set my focus for 2013.

-Andrea C. Byron Bay, Australia



A beautiful and inspiring weekend, I learnt so much.  Thank you Carla.

– Jennifer C. Pottsville, NSW, Australia


Carla massaged me throughout my pregnancy, even at nine months. She was totally in tune and sensitive to my needs and those of my baby in each moment. I felt truly nurtured.

– Duska J.  Mother & Yoga Teacher, Ocean Shores, Australia


Solitude and sea – perfect for one.  Thanks Carla for you compassionate support and wonderful massage.

-Amanda S, Kingston, Tasmania




I came to Byron to relax and heal, so the Rejuvenate package was just what I needed. The house is very peaceful and right next to beautiful Tallow’s beach which makes it perfect for endless beach walks to unwind, gather your thoughts and get in touch with yourself. Carla’s energy is amazing, the way she connects with you makes you feel very special and safe to really get to the heart of things. In the 5 days I spend with her I learnt a lot from Carla about reconnecting with my body and intuition. She also gave me the tools to keep working on it at home. Thank you Carla, for a life changing experience!

– Marije D, Social Worker/Councillor, The Netherlands



I love Carla’s massages. She is so accurate in pinpointing tension in my body, and yet so gentle. I have since recommended her to friends and family. How lucky we are to have her in our neighborhood.

– Claudia. Suffolk Park, Australia


When a friend referred me to see Carla about my chronic back pain I was a little skeptical. But as the weeks passed my back pain not only disappeared, but I noticed myself less prone to triggers of stress, more relaxed and balanced and found it easier to “let go” of trivial matters. Carla’s work has been transformational in more ways than one

–  Shelly G. Mother, Papamoa, NZ


Carla is deeply intuitive and soulful, bringing a vast amount of compassion, insight and knowledge to the way she works. I always leave a session with a strong sense of well being, feeling calm, uplifted and enlivened, my hope and optimism for my life re energized.   Carla is a truly gifted healer.

–   Ruth P. Celebrant, Wellington, NZ



Carla is the most effective and highly skilled therapist I have ever been to. Overtime joint problems I have had for years have completely disappeared as a result of her treatments.

– Janice C. Wellington, NZ


Thank you Carla for the best massage I have ever had. I look forward to seeing you again when I visit next.

–  Prue. School Teacher, Melbourne, Australia


What I gain from your sessions the most is your ability to read with insight and intuition. I feel like you take the messages which you receive and hold them gently in offering to me, so that I can receive them. This gentle and loving process is laced with your humor and understanding and always leaves me feeling cared for and understood.

– TB. Byron Bay, Australia


I would highly recommend Carla’s massage.  She has a great ability to work deeply on a number of levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.

– Nigel. IT, Wellington, NZ


A most perfect and peaceful retreat. Carla is a generous and warm host and her massages amazingly intuitive. Definitely hoping to return.

– Athena K. Sydney, Australia



I was introduced to Carla Ireton through a client of mine who teaches yoga and is very thorough with who she would recommend.  On my client’s recommendation i was fortunate enough to be able to book in with Carla. My treatment with Carla was one of deep relaxation and I immediately felt a presence of calm, and a feeling that Carla was very knowing in her work.   Her intuitive connection to me was remarkable.  What she told me in my treatment has stayed with me and I often think and dwell on this.

–  Margaret H, Wellington NZ


Carla’s massages are a very holistic experience not only nurturing the body but the mind and soul also. Every time I have a massage with Carla I learn something new about myself and feel a positive and revitalising energy release in my whole being. I recommend massages from Carla for physical release and an uplifting of your mind and soul.

– Naomi W. Wellington, NZ


Carla has a gift. She gives a strong, sensitive & healing massage with unique intuition.

– Luke, Broken Head, Australia


Carla reconnects me with my body and soul like no other.  It’s my good fortune to have met her.

 Rob C. Ocean Shores, Australia



Most intuitive massage!

 Mariyke. Melbourne, Australia


After years of having massages with you I still feel the same amazing results every time

 Bec. Business Owner, Byron Bay


It was like we were meant to meet. Carla is very professional and gave me one of the best massages I have ever had. We had a good chat too! I would highly recommend her.

– Narelle Brisbane, QLD


A beautiful massage that worked on so many different levels

 Hillary B. Melbourne, Australia


Carla needed to deal with a number of my aches and pains and did so brilliantly. A most intuitive therapist

 Eric M, Adelaide


A fantastic weekend course, I thoroughly enjoyed learning, it was practical and wonderful and I walked away feeling lighter and brighter.

 Sharee W. Ballina, Australia


Carla has opened doors for me and shown me a path and life journey, which previously I could have only imagined.

Megan. New Zealand



TripAdvisor Reviews


Reviewed 28 September 2015

“Nourishing, Empowering and Healing to the Mind, Body & Soul”


To anyone considering attending Byron Women’s Solo Retreat in NZ, without a second’s hesitation, I recommend you should go!!


From my first e-mail to Carla, to the welcome hamper on arrival, to the ‘farewell’ dinner – special does not even begin to describe. It is absolutely evident that Carla invests every ounce of her being into each & every retreat – and her love of doing so was clear before I’d even arrived in NZ with all the care and attention she had invested in planning & organising my stay.


To keep from waffling on, some of the highlights included…


Waking every morning to being surrounded by nature and birdsong….

Starting the day with deeply relaxing & restorative yoga / meditation guided by Carla to cater just for you….

Abundant and delicious wholesome and nutritious food….

Day trip to Cathedral Cove, cafe lunch & relaxing in mineral pools was an absolute highlight….

Two subliminal massages….

Opportunity to spend time talking to Carla about developing intuition, listening to & trusting my heart, and discovering my heart / life’s purpose….


I have returned feeling an incredible sense of calm and freedom, unlike anything I have ever experienced before. This has also had such a positive impact on my relationship with my children and those close to me. Byron’s Women’s Retreat was truly a life-changing experience that I would wish for every woman to experience at least once in this lifetime! RO – Melbourne


Reviewed 16 June 2015

Wonderful Healing Massage

My hour-long massage with Carla was such a nurturing and uplifting experience. She has such an intuitive approach and seeks to make every second of the massage count. Carla is amazingly adept at pinpointing specific issues and areas of weakness and tension in the body, and was able to target my massage to work directly on these blockages. She has a deep understanding of the body and a great sense of what the person needs to help them towards healing, physically and emotionally. I would highly recommend her treatment. HF – Sydney, Australia



Reviewed 1 April 2015

Best Massage Ever

I am 47 and have suffered from neck and shoulder pain and tension for many years. I have had a LOT of massages in an attempt to seek relief and I can safely say that the hour long massage that Carla did back in January was the most effective one I have ever had. I will definitely be going back. SH – Melbourne, Australia



Reviewed 26 February 2015

Fantastic Experience

I had a Heart, Body & Soul Session with Carla. Carla gave a great massage and assisted me with the direction I want to go in life. This was a life changing experience for me and I believe it was well worth my while visiting Carla. This treatment had an incredible effect on my body and brought me clarity to many confusing issues, while also relieving pain. Also, Carla has a beautiful outlook from her Retreat and you feel relaxed and welcome from the minute you walk in. I am hoping to go back in the future. Thank you so much Carla. MH – Ballina, Australia



Reviewed 23 February 2015

Most relaxing massage ever

Now, although I didn’t fall asleep during my 90 minute treatment, this was by far the most relaxing massage I have ever had. Carla’s massage feels so very therapeutic and at times, you almost can’t tell how she is massaging as her touch is light but she really knows how to relax a person. Several areas of tightness (that I didn’t know existed and no-one has ever massaged thoroughly before) (like the tail of my spine) were relieved of their discomfort and I was amazed at how quickly the time flew by.

Carla has a beautiful setting for her studio, which in itself is worthy of a visit. She is a delightfully kind individual who truly has a wonderful gift in her massage. She is worthy of a visit when you are in Byron or nearby.

Although I live 2 and half hours away, I will be planning a semi-regular visit to Carla as I have not encountered her style of massage before and I really found it beneficial.

My friend and I really enjoyed our visit, Carla – many thanks, DM – Brisbane




Reviewed 12 February 2015

Great massage experience in a great setting!

We had two 1 hour signature massages with Carla. It was a great experience for both of us in an amazing setting. what a great way to start our holiday! Carla not only gave us great massages but was incredibly generous with her knowledge and expertise both as a masseuse and as a local! Would definately go back again and would recommend it to others! MH – Melbourne



Reviewed 11 January 2015

A perfect start to any holiday

My return to Byron Bay would seem incomplete without a visit to Carla for her amazing signature massage. For the second year running I have booked this for the day of my arrival and have found it a perfect way to unwind from stresses of the year and slip quickly into ‘holiday mode’. Thanks once again Carla for finding those tense spots and teasing them out of my body. I felt infused with energy after our session. I can highly recommend this at the start of your Byron break. MR – Melbourne


Reviewed 1 October 2014

The healing massage is exactly that

Thanks to the reviews on here, I treated myself to Carla’s 1.5hr Signature Healing Massage on my recent trip to Byron.


Carla has an amazing gift, both with her healing touch, and with her kind soul. The massage was amazing, and the conversation with Carla was equally as rewarding.


I will definitely be planning future trips to Byron around her availability :). PL – Brisbane


Reviewed 7 September 2014


wow – more than a massage. Carla is an incredibly intuitive beautiful soul whose touch is healing is so many ways. She has an amazing gift and uses it so well. it was a special experience that i am so glad i did. Only wished i lived there so i could go on a regular basis! – highly recommended JJ – Auckland, NZ





Reviewed 9 July 2014

A wonderful experience

I highly recommend a massage with Carla! It was a wonderful experience for both my body and heart. She has a beautiful, calming, comforting presence which makes the magic of her massage even more healing. Thank you Carla!

RP – Wellington, New Zealand


Reviewed 29 June 2014

Ease after 25 years of tightness.

If you get the opportunity for a signature healing massage with Carla, take it! Since my session with Carla, a pain and tightness that I have had for 25 years in the right side of the back of my head, my neck and my shoulder has eased and dissipated. This is phenomenal for me after years of massages, osteopathy, chiro, physio, accupuncture and other remedies made very little or no difference to my discomfort. After the signature healing massage I felt energy flowing down my neck and into my shoulder and shoulder blade where previously, for as long as I can remember, there was only numbness and lack of ease. It felt like cool, clear, pure energetic liquid flowing freely – such a relief after so long being dense, knotted and restricted.

What’s more, my body has continued to unravel, relax and hum with vitality for 3 days since my session. Thank you Carla, it has been a blessing to meet you.  AN – Napier, NZ


Reviewed 25 June 2014


Carla’s humility and grace is overwhelming considering her beautiful wisdom and powerful healing nature…I attended Carla’s Massage Course in Napier, NZ and will cherish the weekend forever. Thank you Carla for helping to open my heart and mind and take my own massage practice to a whole new level. MO – Hastings, NZ


Reviewed 1 April 2014

Healing in every essence of the word…

Today I was blessed with not only meeting beautiful Carla but also in receiving one of her magical signature healing massages. Carla is a true intuitive healer with a natural ability to be guided by the bodies energy throughout her treatments and thus knowing exactly where healing is most required. The massage was simply amazing, I was so relaxed and comfortable in Carla’s company and experienced such tension release, leaving me light and free. By the end of the treatment I felt so still and so at peace with the world, Carla gave me a total mind and body re-set! I am so very grateful for the experience and can honestly say this is a must for anyone in need of a little mind and body nurturing. Thank you Carla, I look forward to my next visit. JJ – Australia



Reviewed 9 March 2014

An unmatched massage experience

I’ve had regular massages for the past 20 years or so, but a 1.5 hour ‘signature healing’ massage with Carla last week was without doubt a highlight.

Carla is a kind, intuitive and gifted healer who not only righted my hips and shoulders after I’d spend four long days sitting in bad chairs during a spiritual retreat, but she worked all kinds of magic to my body’s dodgy bits so that I felt both relaxed and rejuvenated on leaving, through my travel back to Melbourne and for days to come.

A massage with Carla is now top of the list for my next visit to Byron. My thanks to previous reviewers and to Tripadvisor for shining the light. ZT – Melbourne



Reviewed 11 February 2014

Heart ͵ body & Soul Healing

I was fortunate to see Carla for an intuitive massage. for months i had suffered with pain in my solar plexus…which was remedied after just over an hour with Carla. I highly recommend any person suffering with ailments to experience beautiful alternative healing with Carla. My pain has not returned. MH – Australia


Reviewed 2 February 2014

The best 90 mins at Byron bay

Without a doubt Carla is magical. She seems to know exactly were your pain is and works her magic with her hands. My daughter booked the massage for me and I had no idea what I was expecting. All that my daughter said was to keep an open mind. Well I have to say that my daughter and I treat ourselves to massages at least once a month but nothing like this one. She was seriously the best massage I have ever had. Unfortunately for me my stay at byron was too short otherwise I would have definitely had another one before I left. I will look forward to my next visit to Byron Bay unless Carla can be convinced to move to Sydney.

Somehow I don’t think my chances of that ever happening but one can only live in hope.

Thank you Carla.

Josette – Balmoral Mosman NSW


Reviewed 20 January 2014

Not your ordinary massage

I had a heart body soul reading with Carla – which is a massage plus much more where Carla ‘tunes in’ to your body and gives you a lot of personal information to absorb, reflect on and do with what you may. I booked this based on tripadvisor reviews and am glad i did.

If you really just want the massage part then perhaps this isnt for you and either get just a massage or go elsewhere. However if you are more interested in the holistic nature of this treatment then give it a go. It will be like nothing you have experienced.


We were both in tears (am I really that messed up!!??) and Carla was very quick to pick up on my words and what my body was telling her and has given me a lot to think about and reflect on. Thanks Carla. Laura – Canberra, Australia


Reviewed 19 January 2014

Awesome Massage from Carla

I was in Byron with friends and family and read reviews about Carla’s wonderful massages. I had 2 girlfriends with me and we expected to head out to the Spa Retreat, Carla advised they were booked but could come to us.


I had the last massage, and was amazed at the level of involvement and positive energy that Carla still had as I was the last. Her massage was so intuitive and relaxing. I often have a sore lower back and knee pain picking up my twins, but after my massage I felt like I was realigned and suddenly rediscovered my neck. Carla as a person is remarkable, and I felt very comfortable. Emotionally I felt settled and relaxed especially to the lead up of Christmas and New Year. Next time I’m in Byron I’ll be booking in a massage. Thank you Carla for my beautiful massage. MM – Brisbane, Australia


Reviewed 30 December 2013

Total Relaxation without pain

This had to be one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I’m knotted up across my shoulders and normally people massaging me dig in and hurt me to release the knots, but Carla’s massage didn’t hurt and still had the same effect. I felt wonderful the next few days and would do it again in a heart beat, though next time I’d do longer than an hour. Really can’t recommend it enough and wish I still lived in Australia so I could visit her regularly. LP, South Hampton, United Kingdom



Reviewed 19 October 2013


Carla is a gifted healer.


While on holiday in early October, I visited Carla for a body mind and soul healing and I continue to feel the benefits of her healing and excellent advice. Carla truly read my body and soul, providing clear, honest, helpful insight and advice.


Before my holiday I had read about Carla while looking at information about the Byron area. I emailed Carla to see if she was available for a heart, body, soul healing during my holiday . I was immediately impressed with Carla’s professional and warm response to my email. She provided me with excellent directions to her wonderful location and also a list of ideas for relaxing and interesting things to do in the Byron Area, including lovely yoga classes at Byron Yoga, a relaxing lunch in gorgeous Bangalow, and a visit to the Crystal Castle. I was very grateful for her suggestions – which were all terrific.


I recommend Carla highly and I look forward to definitely seeing her again next time I am in Byron. LG, Sydney Australia


Reviewed 13 October 2013

Amazing Massage, coupled with insightful healing and reading

My mum booked me and her for a heart, body, soul, healing, reading and massage with Carla on a recent trip to Byron. Not really knowing what to expect, and having attending other healings before, i was surprised at how good this experience was. Carla was very kind and welcoming, but above all her massage was sensational. She started off the session by asking if i had anything in particular she should concentrate on (ie. emotionally to heal). I volunteered my recent relationship breakdown, and she said she would see what came to her, but assured me she wasnt a clairvoyant. What then followed was an hour and a half of pure bliss, the massage was sensational, and as she worked over me, she carried a conversation the whole time, talking about the things she sensed. Overall she was incredibly insightful and it was a wonderful experience that i would recommend to anyone to try. LF – Port Macquarie, Australia





Reviewed 27 September 2013

Rare find – Carla is a caring, welcoming and professional masseuse!

Yesterday morning I arrived flustered, frustrated and absentmindedly 45mins early for my Heart, Body, Soul Healing, Reading & Massage with Carla. I was ready to fall in a heap and cry! Carla kindly accommodated my early arrival and welcomed me in to a calm haven where I immediately felt more at ease. Initially I was unsure about the body reading and massage but had been feeling a bit lost with my direction so when I came across her website and saw the massage I thought it might be worth a try. Throughout the reading and massage I felt myself relaxing and finding such clarity about myself and my direction, it was certainly unexpected but was the guidance and emotional release that I needed. Carla is so professional yet warm, honest and real that I felt so comfortable and cared for. In the following 24hours I have become more and more sure about my direction, Carla gave me the support I needed to be myself and live my life. It really is amazing what she can do in 1.5hr session! I’m so grateful to her and am looking forward to visiting again in the near future. GD – Brisbane, Australia


Reviewed 1 July 2013

Best massage in Australia

My friend and I ventured here for some relaxation and time out from our busy work schedules.


The day spa experience was absolutely amazing. Carla is by far the best masseus I have come across. You can see that all the experience Carla has really shows in her abilities. Not to mention the fact that she really makes you feel very at ease and welcome.


I can’t wait to come back and look forward to another one of her world class massages. Sarah S – Australia


Reviewed 22 May 2013

Carla goes above and beyond

On recommendation from a friend, I went for a massage with Carla a few weeks back. I am 35 weeks pregnant and had some buttock and hip stiffness. Carla was so intuitive, it was a gentle yet highly effective massage.


She also went out of her way to provide me with some information we had discussed during the massage. Carla goes above and beyond out the kindness of her heart. I would highly recommend her, and look forward to visiting her again. GS – Sydney, Australia


Reviewed 9 April 2013

Carla takes your stress away

I had many massages in my life and its sometimes difficult to completely relax on the table, especially if I don’t know the person and I am a bit worried that there is pain during the massage which happened often to me.


So there comes Carla and I could feel immediately that she knows exactly what to do. I left the choice of which massage to give me to her and she felt where I needed which kind of treatment.


I could completely relax and the entire massage was just amazing, I went to sleep straight afterwards. Plus, the next morning, all my shoulder stiffness was gone and for the first time since very long my shoulder and neck felt like it should feel. MY – Singapore


Reviewed 28 March 2013

Highly recommended!!

I visited Carla while on holiday in Byron and was treated with a heart body soul healing massage & reading. When I arrived I was feeling out of sorts, tense and a little confused about direction and when I left I felt calm, centered, balanced and clear about a lot of things! The massage was relaxing and Carla really opened me up emotionally in a very gentle way. I highly recommend her, and I will definitely be back next time I am in Byron. I can only imagine how wonderful all her other treatments are. LZ – Sydney


Reviewed 8 March 2013

Fantastic Massage & Chat

It was like we were meant to meet. Carla is very professional and gave me one of the best massages I have ever had. We had a good chat too! I would highly recommend her. Narelle Brisbane, QLD


Reviewed 1 March 2013

So much more then just a massage

Everyone should treat themselves to one of Carla’s signature massages. With her great intuitive skills, she doesn’t only make contact with your body, but also with your soul and gets straight to the heart of the problem. This is not just a massage, this massage can change your life! MD – Netherlands


Reviewed 14 February 2013

Excellent massage, highly recommend

When i came home today after my 1 hour massage from Carla my husband asked how it was. The first thing i said was “I think it was the best massage i have ever had!” (and i have had my fair share of massages over the past 14 years in Byron Bay) It was a very intuitive and calm massage but also revitalising and energising. i was so blissed out afterwards and felt an amazingly deep sense of calm through out every cell in my body. I can see myself going back regularly! EE – Sunshine Coast


Reviewed 29 January 2013

Healing Hands and Heart

My sister and I are currently staying at Byron Women’s Retreat and I know it’ll be a sad day when we have to pack our bags and go home. My mind is already plotting and planning when my next visit will be and how soon I can return to this cozy place just a hop and a skip away from the beach. Carla is incredibly welcoming and made us feel at home immediately.

This is my second time in Byron Bay and if you’re coming for the first time, you’ll quickly notice how everyone here advertises themselves as healers and/or massage therapists. I’ve looked around a bit and I can say with absolute confidence that Carla is truly special. She has an amazing ability to read the body and listen to how it feels and what it needs. I have chronic back and knee pain from old injuries and she was able to pick up on these weak areas and help relieve much of the tension that has built up over time. After each session, I feel so relaxed and at peace in my body–something that doesn’t come all that easy for me. I keep thinking I must have reaped some seriously good karma to have crossed paths with Carla and her retreat center. I really can’t recommend her enough 🙂 Elizabeth – San Francisco, USA



Reviewed 17 January 2013

Remedial Massage

Carla is a fantastic and very intuitive massage therapist. I had problems with my left shoulder for going on 6 months and had been to a number of osteo appointments and massage appointments with other practitioners to try and fix them. Nothing seemed to work. One appointment with Carla has made the tightness and pain disappear and has me standing straighter than I have for a while. I will be booking myself in for another treatment before I leave Byron. NA – Sydney