Relax & Renew Retreat

7 nights

All inclusive Package

Relax & Renew Retreat at the Byron Women's Retreat

When you need time out for yourself, to replenish your energy and rediscover what your heart really desires, the Relax and Renew Retreat will set you on course to rediscover wellness, inner peace and self love.

Personally designed to help you reconnect to your “Love for Life” this Short Wellness Stay will help reveal your true hearts calling and provide clarity and direction about your relationships, career, wellness and more.

Did you know inner peace and self love disappear when our needs are not being met and when we lose touch with what we are truly feeling?

To reconnect with what we feel and what we need, women need time out, away from the demands of life, people, work, and family.

We need quiet time to hear our hearts whispers, to really listen to our body and to gently reconnect with our breath.

So each day on retreat:

•    You will have a light daily retreat schedule and you will also have plenty of time for yourself and to put into practice what you are learning along the way.

•    You may choose to stroll the beach, swim in the ocean, walk the forest trails, rest in the warm sun while listening to the birds, relax in the pool or hot tub, or just stop for a while enjoying the quiet of nothingness.

•    You can choose to follow your heart and your body, slow down, notice more, and do less.

•    You have an opportunity to put your self first, how liberating, how wonderful, how unusual.

Relax and Renew is all about getting back in touch with what really matters to YOU.

It’s about listening to your heart and trusting your inner guidance, replenishing your energy and reconnecting with what makes you truly happy.

This retreat is about YOU finding inner peace, self love and self confidence to be authentically YOU.

If you are feeling unbalanced, overworked, fatigued or just in need of a healthy getaway, the Relax and Renew Retreat will:

• pamper you,

• nurture you,

• educate you,

• replenish you

• and empower you

Sink into a relaxed state of wellbeing with healing massages, restorative yoga and meditation classes and all the time and space you need to feel fully restored.

You’ll see clearly, perhaps for the first time, that passion for life comes from its simplest pleasures.

Slow down and determine what really matters to you. The only thing worth keeping up with is your own vision of a life well lived.

Package Inclusions

The following is included in your Short Wellness Stay:

Luxury One-bedroom Villa

Your villa is nestled in a natural setting surrounded by a lush tropical landscape, offering you optimal privacy and comes fully equipped with all the comforts of home including:

King-size bed

Fully Equipped Modern Kitchen

Air Conditioning

Washing Machine

Luxury Bathroom

Comfortable Lounges

TV and DVD player

Outdoor seating area with lush backdrop

Peace, quiet and privacy with no direct neighbours.


A nutritionally balanced diet made with seasonal, local, Whole Foods, beautifully prepared from the freshest ingredients consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for you each day and delivered to your villa.

Please advise us of any dietary requirements, and where possible, we will be happy to accommodate.

The Necessities

A selection of teas, coffee, sugar and milk

All linen including fluffy bath towels, hand towels and face cloths.

Bathrobes for use during your stay.

Slippers, which you may take home.

A selection of premium toiletries.

Spa Therapies

Recovery Massage

After a long trip, having a body massage is an experience second to none. This particular massage works on the head, neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet to relieve fatigue and muscle aches from a long journey. It promotes the re-distribution of fluids that may have accumulated in specific areas, and targets specific acupressure points to relieve joint stiffness and ‘ground’ your body after travel.

Signature Healing Massage

This heavenly healing massage is Carla’s most popular treatment. With 25 years experience she intuitively tunes into your body and combines a variety of healing massage and energy techniques learnt during her studies with a Master Healer in Thailand.

A divinely intuitive healing massage for the body heart and soul, Carla uses a combination of ancient eastern healing techniques, acupressure, flowing strokes and firm pressure massage to dissolve tension and rebalance your energy. Intuitively selected Aromatherapy oils are added to the organic coconut oil and hot towels are draped over your body to evoke an aura of warmth and a remarkable sense of physical, mental and emotional well being.

This Signature Healing Massage is an intuitive massage which means Carla tunes into your body and allows it to tell her what it needs. Some muscles may require a deep pressure technique, other a lighter energy rebalance. Each and every massage is hand crafted in the moment, depending on what your body is requiring at the time.

This nurturing massage is highly beneficial for the release of stress and offers a deeply relaxing experience helping you to reconnect with your self.

Relax and Renew Ritual

This popular ritual combines an Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage with a Replenishing Facial Treatment to create a soothing full body experience from head to toe

A rich, velvety body oil is infused with the soothing qualities of clary sage an essential oil that nourishes the skin, enhances relaxation and creates emotional wellbeing. A replenishing facial then quenches dry, dehydrated skin utilising the healing properties of rosehip oil and aloe vera for lasting hydration and nourishment. To complete your Relax and Renew Ritual you’ll receive a deluxe foot reflexology massage to stimulate vital pressure points leaving you feeling revitalised and totally stress-free.

Wellness Activities

Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Private Sessions

6 x gentle restorative yoga classes to suit your body along with guided meditations and relaxation techniques taught to you in your villa. These wellness sessions are designed to calm your nervous system and offer a deep sense of inner peace, as you reconnect to your breath and your body.

Sessions incorporate breathing and mindfulness techniques; supportive props to assist alignment and opening in poses; self-massage; acupressure, and a range of other yogic and oriental therapy techniques. Each session is tailored specifically to your needs and abilities.

Mind Body & Soul Private Sessions

3 x Relax and Renew Sessions – filled with practical tools to teach you how to tap into a heart-based, intuitive place of knowing and use it to confidently navigate your life choices. Learn how to switch off from life’s stresses, with an opportunity to isolate and breakthrough some of those sticky patterns that only one on one coaching can provide, giving you simple but effective techniques to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself.

Personal One to One Time

Personal one to one time with Carla during the retreat – Receive daily tips and tricks with plenty of DIY tools to implement into daily life so you can keep working on what’s important to you when you return to home.

Bike Riding

Complementary bicycle to ride, with local bike tracks to explore

At Home Wellness Support:

Yoga program

You’ll receive a personalised short meditation, yoga and self-massage program for you to take home.

After Retreat Support

When you return home, its important to keep applying the tools and techniques you have learnt on retreat, therefore we offer you six weeks email support from date of completion of your retreat. We want you to know that you matter and that we’re still here for you, even after you have left.

Take Home Notes

Notes and wellness information etc to take home.


Relax and Renew Wellness Retreat is designed to replenish you from the inside out, this retreat will have you back in your heart, reconnected to your body and ready to move forward in life with a greater sense of inner peace, guided by your intuition and filled with meaning and purpose.


$4790 Australian Dollars – all inclusive package

Please note: the above package price is based on one woman travelling between 01 April 2021 – 30 November 2021. Price does not include transfers to and from your retreat, airfares, travel insurance, personal purchases or anything other than mentioned above.


Short Wellness Stays have no set dates, you can choose to book your retreat on any day that best suits you. Your retreat starts from 2pm onwards on the first day and ends at 10am on the last day.


If you are arriving by plane or train we can book transfers for you to and from the retreat.

Optional sunset sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, surf lessons and day trips to The Great Barrier Reef also available with options to extend your stay, please contact Carla for more information.


Carla creates each wellness retreat intuitively and individually and has been helping women to feel nurtured and nourished in body + soul for over 25 years! Her wealth of knowledge in the health and healing industry will shine through everyday as she draws upon her wisdom and intuition to create a transformational retreat just for you.

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