Women Only Retreats…


Remind us that sometimes we just have to get away to find ourselves again.


 They give us that much needed ‘me time’ to reflect on what truly matters in life and to reconnect with our hearts calling.


We do things we don’t normally do and we learn things we know nothing about


We learn ancient well being practices to replenish our energy and recharge our souls


We throw off what no longer serves us and carry only that which nourishes our bodies and excites our hearts


We eat wholesome nutritious meals, keep fit with daily walks and gentle yoga, relax with healing massages and evening meditations


We reconnect to the land, to life, to love and we remember who we are and why we are here


We rediscover ourselves, we explore new destinations, we make new friends, we open ourselves to new possibilities and we follow our hearts to new places…





There are no retreats scheduled at present


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