Women Only Retreats…


Remind us that sometimes we just have to get away to find ourselves again.


 They give us that much needed ‘me time’ to reflect on what truly matters in life and to reconnect with our hearts calling.


We do things we don’t normally do and we learn things we know nothing about


We learn ancient well being practices to replenish our energy and recharge our souls


We throw off what no longer serves us and carry only that which nourishes our bodies and excites our hearts


We eat wholesome nutritious meals, keep fit with daily walks and gentle yoga, relax with healing massages and evening meditations


We reconnect to the land, to life, to love and we remember who we are and why we are here


We rediscover ourselves, we explore new destinations, we make new friends, we open ourselves to new possibilities and we follow our hearts to new places…




Paradise Found


September 2019



Roll out of bed into a blue lagoon, drink coconuts in a hammock, snorkel and swim with the tropical fish, stroll along a deserted beach, do yoga, read that book, slow down a lot and merge into the island pace of life. 

On this Well-being Retreat we are going to an Island paradise, with sand floor restaurants, freshly caught fish cooked to perfection, prawn and pawpaw salads and tropical fruit smoothies to tantalize your taste buds, while local musicians play ukeleles and views over the lagoon lull you into a state of pure relaxation. 

I wouldn’t have believed the water was so blue until I saw it for myself. Prized as one of the top ten lagoons in the world, Aitutaki is one of those “must see places before you die”. 

Still fairly unknown to the world we will be only a handful of travellers to arrive in Aitutaki at any given time. 

A fairly remote island 200km north of Rarotonga, WIFI is slow, the pace is even slower, the lagoon famous for its azure blue clear waters will relax even the most weary and stressed out visitor. 

We will be enjoying 4-5 star luxury accommodation, 

Nothing is open on Sunday because it is God’s Day, a day of rest, remember that? How far we have wandered from rest and relaxation. 

But you needn’t worry about that because on our Paradise Found Retreat you will completely stop and be happy you have done so.



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