Sensuality Meditation Course


21 Day Sensuality Meditation Course



Tired of being in your head? Disconnected from your body? Or lost touch with your hearts desires?


Join me today on this self loving 21 Day Sensuality Meditation Course – its free, a gift to you from me.


This Sensuality Meditation Course is a simple and beautiful practice, introducing self nurturing, self loving and pleasurable experiences to enhance your self confidence and awaken a deep sense of beauty, grace and love in your life.


I use the word meditation because this practice does require consciousness, presence, discipline and commitment, but it is not a formal or traditional meditation practice as we know it.


Meditating on sensuality is a gentle and loving feminine way of coming home to yourself. It brings a consciousness to our bodies which often go unappreciated, unloved and untouched. And a realisation of our hearts intuitive whispers which can be doubted, overridden and ignored.


This Sensuality Meditation Course will inspire you to embrace a kaleidoscope of self loving possibilities and explore ways to enjoy your sexual, feminine, loving, nurturing, sensual self. You will rediscover your love for beauty, softness, warmth, water, smells, colours, touch, feelings and all things sensual. You will experience what it feels like to be nurtured, loved, cared for, appreciated, adored.. all by you. And you will be surprised at how great you are at loving and how wonderful it makes you feel each day.


Join Today, It’s Free – A gift to you from me


This 21 Day Sensuality Mediation Course is free to join, a gift to you from me. And you can start whenever you feel inspired, just email me to register and I will send you more helpful information and guidelines.


Also as a way to stay supported and connected please join my * “Closed Facebook Group” (for members only) where we can read about each others experiences and share our own inspirations, ideas, meditations and self loving techniques with other women on the course.

Ill be sharing tips and techniques, stories and inspirations here as well so be sure to register with me to become a member so you can have access to the group.



*It’s Closed because only members can access it, and non members can not see any posts.


I look forward to sharing this beautiful meditation practice with you. To register or for more information send me a message on my contact page.