Short Wellness Stays

A dream holiday is when you arrive home feeling better, happier and healthier than when you left. With stress being one of the biggest instigators of dis-ease in the modern world, more women are seeing holidays as a time to recalibrate, de-stress, and make some healthy life changes.

Whether it’s about investing in yourself in terms of learning something new or improving yourself through yoga, meditation, spiritual renewal or simply taking time out to rest, Short Wellness Stays help you to disengage from everyday life and spend quality time in an ambience that inspires, motivates and replenishes.

Short Wellness Stays offer:

Complete Privacy

One of the key advantages of staying with us is that our Short Wellness Stays offer guests their own one bedroom luxury villa which is wonderfully private and safe.

More Space

It is not enough to just have privacy, if you want to relax in comfort you also need a place that is spacious in terms of the indoor and outdoor spaces. Our villas are open-plan with space for Al fresco dining as well as an outdoor private bush setting.

One to One Attention

Women often tell us they find Short Wellness Stays are more conducive towards creating more rewarding personal results than group retreats because Short Wellness Stays offer one to one attention and are focused completely on them.

All Inclusive

The price of your retreat is all inclusive. All your massages, spa treatments, wellness coaching, yoga and meditation sessions, meals, drinks, snacks are included.

Total Exclusivity

Being able to take pleasure in our all inclusive services like private yoga and relaxation sessions, massage and spa treatments, with a highly skilled therapist, all in the privacy of your own villa makes our wellness stays especially unique.

Open Dates

Short Wellness Stays have no set dates, so you can choose to book your retreat on any day that best suits you. Your retreat begins from 2pm onwards on the first day and ends at 10am on the last day.

Healthy Meals

The old-fashioned view of holidays is to eat and drink yourself merry, indulging, and feeding unhealthy habits. A Short Wellness Stay is an ideal environment to change your lifestyle and address food habits that don’t serve you. One huge benefit is that you can savour a healthy menu cooked with home grown and local produce everyday. Think gloriously nutritious divine breakfasts,  fresh salads and evening vegetarian nourish bowls served daily; pure wellbeing bliss.

Surrounding Outdoor Beauty

A retreat by the sea offers guests a sense of relaxation and tranquility in a paradise setting, far from the city and densely populated urban sprawls. Your private villa is situated in a natural bush setting surrounded by birds and wildlife, where pretty faced wallaby’s hop by and the kookaburra’s laugh makes you laugh too. Plan to stay a while and truly relax and rejuvenate.

Safer and Seamless Check-in/out Experience

The perks of booking a Short Wellness Stay goes beyond just the actual time spent on retreat. With a dedicated Team ready to assist you, we are available to help you with any questions and concerns.

Dedicated Staff

Our Short Wellness Stays also benefit from having a small dedicated team to make sure that every guest requirement is met with satisfaction. Unlike more commercial retreat centres where staffing is rotated between shifts, we ensure that you only have to deal with the same personnel throughout your stay, in turn, reducing interpersonal interaction and contact with the outside world. This direct and undivided staff-to-guest connection not only helps us to get to know you better, but also develops a deeper bond that leads to a more personal and memorable stay for you.

Personalised Experience

Our aim is for guests to leave feeling better than when they arrived with take home tools to utilise in daily life.  We want you to have had a special, memorable retreat, with your expectations not only met but surpassed and we’d love you to come back again.

Covid-19 Health Precautions 

We make great efforts to reinforce hygiene and cleaning protocols, ensuring the health of our staff members, and staying updated and well-informed.

A Short Wellness Stay gives you complete freedom of choice and flexibility to tailor and personalise your experience where you can do as much or as little as you wantCheck in any day, select a Short Wellness Stay that suits you, choose from a wide range of holistic specialised Day Spa treatments, choose the timing of your private sessions and even when you want to eat. A genuine understanding of your needs and the flexibility of services is a signature of our Short Wellness Stays and is one that guests can truly utilise to make their stay more comfortable and delightedly personal.

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