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My idea of a Soulful Journal is that it is a place for me to go to where I can explore everything I desire about ME.


A Journal is where I can learn about myself. What I like or dislike, what I dream of, what I desire, my inner deepest feelings and thoughts, the things I may not share with anyone and may not even know about myself, ideas I want to manifest, things I’m afraid of, or feelings I don’t have names for.  I am free to explore the darkest parts of myself and be dazzled by the lightest.  Journalling represents my life as it is.  It is an expression of who I am in any given moment on my journey through life.



 My Experience – The power of a Soulful Journal


When I first started writing journals in my teenage years I would write pages and pages about the anguish I felt in life.  I would often write when I was feeling low, hurt or confused. 


One day during my early thirties, I sat down and read through all the journals I had kept, from when I was fifteen right thru to the present day.


At the end of reading them, I suddenly I had an overwhelming urge to let go of my life up until this point.  My life which was written on all those pages was about to go up in flames.  I made a fire and I tore page by page, journal after journal and said good-bye to the old and I called in the new.  I knew this burning ritual was significant but I didn’t know how.

My next journal took on a whole new life of its own.  I was no longer writing about my pain or my suffering, but instead I was drawing, sticking stickers, pasting pictures and creating a journal of my hearts dreams and desires.  There was no thinking involved, I was now manifesting a new life.


It was a glorious process filled with inspiration, excitement, possibility and enthusiasm.  Year after year I have filled journals with words and images describing how I was taking care of myself, loving myself and how I was creating a life I loved.  It’s a joy to look back on them and see how many things have come true and the journey I have taken.


If you would like to know:

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  1. Thank you for this blog. I too have a lot of pain and wanting journals, it is now my goal to turn my journals into everyday life joys and experiences.

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