Summer Love Gatherings


Summer Love Women’s Gatherings 

in Tropical Cairns

January 2017-March 2017


Reconnecting to the Love Within 


Do you yearn to love and be loved?

Do you have a heart calling to help other women, protect nature or save our planet?

Do you feel stuck or blocked? Struggle to share your gifts and talents but know deep inside this is what you are meant to do?

Are you in a relationship, a career, have friends or family who do not support your highest calling?

Do you have a sense there is so much more to life?

Are you ready for change?


Or are you struggling with:

  • Procrastination
  • Creating better habits
  • Frustration, disappointment, feeling stuck
  • Jealousy and envy
  • Relationship problems
  • Being content and happy 


If you’re ready to live the life your’ve always imagined…

Summerlove Gatherings will unravel the mystery of love, break the spells that are keeping you stuck and provide you the tools to solve many of your problems.


This Gathering will change your life, if you let it.


Learn how to make your life so much easier by following your heart instead of your head

Make a clear connection with your wisest, feminine, intuitive Self

Discover how to apply love, compassion and empathy to change your life 

Learn how to follow your intuition, resolve unanswered questions, and gain clarity on your direction in life

Take home practical and simple tools to apply in daily life to unplug from old patterns as they arise and break the spells once and for all that keep you stuck in a rut

Learn the power of no, create boundaries and prioritise whats most important to you

Change your relationship with money and do what you love 

Nourish your body and mind and infuse your life with energy

Reconnect with women and experience love in a positive and supportive environment.

Be part of a women’s community and support network which extends across the country and around the planet.


Out beyond ideas of wrong doing, and right doing, there is a field.

I will meet you there.





Summerlove Gatherings run 

Monday to Friday

 January – March 2017


Full Cost is $1111 and includes;

a 5 day gathering to gain clarity about love and following your heart

DIY take home practical tools to empower and support you to live life from the heart everyday

1 months (Skype) personal coaching support. 


A Summerlove Gathering runs over 5 days from Monday – Friday

Start time is 9am  - Finishing time is 12pm daily. Afternoons are free to sight see, relax by the pool, walk the beach.

Tropical refreshments are provided daily – Carla’s special green smoothies, gluten fee, sugar free treats and tropical fruit platters

Comprehensive notes are supplied to support the demo’s, practical exercises, live readings and teachings, so you don’t forget the important stuff.

Each Summerlove Gathering is limited: 1 – 6 women only per Gathering. Small groups support personal growth, easy learning and intimate connections.

Because of the deep respect Carla has for following her heart and trusting in the  intuitive, creative processes, no two gatherings are alike.

Come with an open mind and open heart and experience Carla’s intuitive ability to tune into and read the heart, offering you profound insights and clarity on your personal journey.





Gatherings dates and locations:


January Gatherings: 

Monday 2 January – Friday 6 January – Stratford

Monday 9 January – Friday 13 January – Stratford

- click here for nearest accommodation in Stratford


February Gatherings:

Monday 6 February – Friday 10 February – Trinity Beach

Monday 13 February – Friday 17 February – Trinity Beach

- click here for accommodation in Trinity Beach



March Gatherings: 

Monday 6 March – Friday 10 March – Yorkeys Knob

Monday 13 March – Friday 17 March - Yorkeys Knob

- click here for accommodation in Yorkeys Knob


Contact Carla here with your preferred Gathering Dates and any questions you may have.



What Others Have Said About Carla’s Work:


Carla simply worked wonders and exceeded any expectation with her amazing intuitive process, and I was able to overcome some huge hurdles whilst building confidence and trust within my own personal journey. Carla was gentle in her approach, granting me such a substantial and liberating experience, and is such a beautiful being. Absolutely loved it!! – Bronwyn M


What I gain from your sessions the most is your ability to read with insight and intuition. I feel like you take the messages which you receive and hold them gently in offering to me, so that I can receive them. This gentle and loving process is laced with your humor and understanding and always leaves me feeling cared for and understood. – TB, Massage & Beauty Therapist, Byron Bay Australia


Carla is deeply intuitive and soulful, bringing a vast amount of compassion, insight and knowledge to the way she works. I always leave a session with a strong sense of well being, feeling calm, uplifted and enlivened, my hope and optimism for my life re energized.   Carla is a truly gifted healer. – Ruth P, Celebrant, Wellington, NZ


Carla finds the aches and pains of the soul and spirit that are much harder to recognise and set right. She has a very rare intuitive ability  to “read” bodies and to pass on her observations.   I would recommend Carla to anyone who is feeling those aches and pains, whether in body or spirit or both.  She is a remarkable practitioner – Victoria, Te Aro Astanga Yoga Centre, Wellington, New Zealand


You really have an extraordinary gift. Thank you Carla for triggering new understandings and encouraging me to honor my ways of knowing… Kirsty M, Teacher, Sydney



Carla’s teaching method is simple and powerful.  She has a wealth of knowledge and her intuition is acute. – JB, Lennox Head


Click here for more testimonials of Carla’s work.


Please contact Carla for accommodation options close by and check out about cairns and getting to cairns for more information



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