The Course

The Course


 The Course


The Course is a quick and effective method which clears negative thoughts, difficult emotions and uncomfortable feelings, providing you with the space and freedom to reconnect with who you are and how you can best make a difference in the world.


It is a self empowering method which can be used anywhere at anytime to create immediate relief from challenging experiences, obligations and old patterns of behaviour.


If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms The Course will help you clear:


  • Noisy unwanted mind chatter ie; irritating, persistent, distracting thoughts


  • Empathetic tendencies i.e. picking up other peoples feelings, thoughts, emotions, disturbing energies which leave you feeling out of sorts, fatigued or in pain. Ideal for empaths, Highly sensitive people, palliative care workers, psychiatric nurses, nurses in general, care givers, therapists, social workers who are sharing their clients/patients emotional, painful experiences.


  • Psychic invasions, suggestions, impulses, thoughts, voices to do something out of character i.e.: suicide, promiscuity, substance addiction, gambling, stealing, self harming tendencies


  • Family of origin root dysfunctions 


  • Father/Mother issues 


  • Ex husband, wife, partner, sexual partner, significant association with another


  • Unrequited love i.e. loving someone who doesn’t love you and you cant move on


  • Physical symptoms i.e.: pain, aches, stiffness


  • Fears, phobias and addictions



The Course is a simple method to relieve mental, emotional, physical or spiritual pain and help regain balance and harmony in your life.


This radically simple practice is quick and easy to apply and involves no processing of  your past, feelings or emotions.


The Course is always intended to be in harmony with any medical or complementary treatment already in progress. There are no known negative side effects associated with this method.


The Course is taught via 4 personal coaching sessions either online (Skype) or by phone. During the coaching sessions we work together using The Course method to:

  • Clear old patterns, thoughts and beliefs and align with your hearts calling
  • Declutter your mind from negative thoughts and regain a sense of freedom and space
  • Learn to set clear energetic boundaries with others; How to say No and Yes
  • Recognise what is “yours” and what is not, providing a strong sense of self; who you are, what you need, what you want, why you are here.
  • Develop a clearing habit that will work exponentially to nourish and support you 
  • Develop a deeper intimacy and connection with oneself, others and life 
  • Experience greater self-love, self care and self-acceptance


After you have completed The Course training you will have a complete understanding and comprehension of the simplicity and ease of the method and be able to use it on the run.  


Any old habits, emotional patterns, or mental blocks which are not serving you can be cleared using The Course, allowing you to flourish in ways that you never thought possible.


As soon as you identify the energetic charge which is disguised as a feeling, thought, emotion or sensation, the nexus is broken and the energy will literally disappear out of your life. This and a few other secrets is The Course.




“At first I just wanted to get rid of all the horrible feelings I had about my failed relationship, but what I found was much more than that.With Carla’s support I am back on track with a connection to myself, what it means to be me in the world, and how to live my life from a more authentic place – based on what works for me. I no longer feel sad, devastated, angry or lonely. And I don’t feel sorry for myself either. I am back in the groove of a loving and fulfilled life, and ready for whatever life has in store: a man, a family, career or some other adventure” – O.P, Melbourne, Australia



How Will I Know If It’s Worked?


When you use The Course method to identify the unwanted and persistent feeling, thought, emotion or sensation, it will completely disappear out of your experience. 


Students also report:

  • A sense of clarity, space and freedom within a short time of it disappearing
  • A sense of well-being and vitality
  • Decreased stress: Live with less anxiety or fear.
  • Renewed energy and enthusiasm not experienced for many years
  • Improved relationships with family and loved ones
  • Manifesting your hearts desire becomes easier
  • Despite the many challenges in life, there is a feeling of being in greater harmony with the world around you.



“My relationships with family and those close to me have changed to feel less complicated. I no longer feel angry or resentful, towards both people in my life, and my situation. I now truly see my life experience as a blessing, which has allowed me the most incredible opportunity to awaken and truly live my life with purpose and love. I don’t know if I would have discovered this way of living without this help”. – R.O, Australia



For more client experiences see Client Case Stories and Testimonies






The Course Outline


The Course Is Delivered in 3 Parts.


1. The Introduction: 

You will receive an email starter kit to briefly introduce the concepts, teachings and understandings about what you will learn on The Course. This will give you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the method prior to our Coaching Sessions.


2. The Method:  

You can choose to receive a folder and worksheets by post or PDF Worksheets via email. You will be using the Worksheets for 10 minutes, 3 x a day for 3 days. Once the method is learned the worksheets are used less and less until no longer needed.


3. Personal Training and Intuitive Coaching:

There are 4 sessions via Skype or phone, over 4 consecutive days for personal one to one Training and Coaching.


During the Coaching Sessions you will learn how to use The Course to clear blocks, emotions, negative thoughts, feelings, old habits and patterns, all which are preventing you from expressing your true hearts purpose and sharing your gifts with the world.


The first session may take up to 60 minutes with the following 3 Coaching Sessions being 30-40 minutes in duration.


Every Coaching session is intuitive, personal and different, we’re always working with what is alive in the moment, so it’s exciting and really fullfilling as you get to see issues quickly clear and positive results happen right before your eyes.


Also during the Coaching Sessions I’ll teach you how to integrate The Course method into your nervous system so with practice you’ll be able to apply it ‘automatic pilot’ within days to create a simpler stress-free life.


*The Personal Training and Coaching Sessions with me are available during 2018 and will be for a limited time only. So if you would like to work with me personally please book early.



“Carla uses her gift to connect with your heart and soul, so as to offer you with … extremely profound, personal, perspective-shifting ‘messages’. She seems to be able to “feel’ into your deepest heartspace and offer you some guiding, healing words about yourself, your life, your most inner workings. It’s a deeply moving experience. You feel like you’ve just had a little ‘life chat’ with your guardian angel. And who knows, maybe you have.

I implore you to experience The Course all for yourself. It’s a rich and poignant, personal heart and soul experience.” – R.D, Australia



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Cost Of The Course:


The full cost of The Course is $555.00 (Australian Dollars and includes GST)

Payment can be made via internet banking or Paypal

This includes:

The Email Starter Kit

The Worksheets

1 x 60 minute first Personal Training and Coaching Session with Carla

3 x 30-40 minute Personal Training and Coaching Sessions with Carla



My Personal Money Back Guarantee:


I’m confident The Course can help improve your quality of life, so I’m offering a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee within 14 days of starting. If The Course doesn’t help you, I will gladly refund 100% of your money.  No change, no charge, no questions asked.




“I am now excited for the future. I am excited to start attracting the right people into my life and that my true path can now start to unfold. Gone is the suffering and, I can now lead a blissful happy life. I would encourage everyone to ‘heal’ and get help from Carla and her team.” – H.R, Australia



 IMG_0181About Carla

Hi I’m Carla, an Intuitive Healer with a deep love for healing and a passion for travel. I’ve run a private healing practice for the past 24 years in New Zealand and Australia. A qualified Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and gifted Heart Reader I’ve enjoyed teaching students and practitioners in the field of holistic healthcare for nearly 20 years.
Byron Women’s Retreat is the manifestation of my hearts calling to provide a safe haven for women to nurture, heal and discover their true feminine essence.
The Course is the most accessible way for me to share a simple yet powerful cleansing method to immediately empower and inspire women to remember who they are and why they are here.


“Carla is so professional yet warm, honest and real that I felt so comfortable and cared for. In the following 24hours I have become more and more sure about my direction, Carla gave me the support I needed to be myself and live my life.” – G.H, Australia



Contact Carla for more information on The Course.

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