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The Clearing Course


The Clearing Course teaches you how to release feelings of fear, worry, stress and anger and change them out for passion, love and joy.


When you are in a constant state of fear, anger, worry, depression these emotions wear you down, they wear down your body, they deplete your immune system, they destroy your cells and this is what leads to illness. 


So no matter how much you try to heal yourself, if you are doing the exercises, the meditation, eating healthy food because you are fearful of something such as getting sick, being overweight or not being good enough, you are still wearing down your body through the fear you are feeling.


Imagine if you released those feelings of fear, those feelings of stress, those feelings of anger and changed them out for passion, for love, for joy. These emotions are very healing to your body, they build your immunity and they replenish your cells, more than any food, diet or healing modality can. 


Then, when you do eat healthy food you eat it because you love the food, you love yourself, you love your body. When you do get offered a new job you take it because you are passionate about it and it brings you joy. When you do get asked on a date you go because you feel a heart connection and you feel happy when you around this person.





True Healing


The key to true healing is in the releasing of negative thoughts and feelings, fearful feelings, angry feelings, sad feelings and focusing on increasing your energy by loving yourself. 


First empty your body/mind of fear and then fill it up with love. 


To increase your energy you can ask yourself questions such as what do you want to do when your circumstances change, where do you want to go, who do you want to see, what do you want to create, what things bring you joy, what do you love? 


Not only will these positive thoughts and feelings increase your energy and replenish your cells, they will reconnect you to your true self and the things you truly love, enabling you to see your current situation with a greater awareness and clarity.


If you are going through a difficulty right now your emotions during this time are so important. I invite you to learn The Clearing Course so that you can learn how to listen to your body, learn how to release fearful feelings, emotions and thoughts, learn how to increase your energy and learn how to move forward in your life with a desire to live in love and not from a place of fear. 



How the sessions work


The Clearing Course is taught one on one, virtually via Skype or by Phone, over 4 sessions – 1 hour a day for 4 consecutive days. If you are unable to find 1 hour a day for 4 days in a row, we can arrange a schedule that works for you.


Every session is intuitive, personal and unique. You’ll learn how to use the clearing method to identify and alleviate the stresses and fearful feelings that are prevalent in your life right now. I will quickly and intuitively help you to have a different relationship with your body and teach you how to release any pain you are experiencing in the moment.


Intuition is probably the most valued asset I have as a practitioner, it’s a knowing I get while working with a client. I’ll always share whatever I get intuitively to help you increase your energy levels so you can experience love, peace and joy during each session and I’ll teach you how to do this for yourself.


I lived in pain for the majority of my life and to be pain free is a dream come true. I love sharing the tools for healing that worked for me so that you don’t have to go through what I did. (You can read more about my personal healing journey here).


Even when circumstances are challenging and difficult you will always have the clearing method to use and the more you use it, the more you will experience the benefits of more joy, more peace and more love for yourself and in your life.






The Clearing Course costs $555.00 Australian Dollars. (Includes GST)



Money Back Guarantee


If you experience no change within the first session of The Clearing Course, I’ll refund 100% of your money.  No change, no charge, no questions asked.



Contact Carla


Please write to me at for more information about how The Clearing Course can help you. So reach out and tell me about your personal circumstances, I would loved to hear from you and you just never know this could be the piece to the puzzle you have been looking for…

About Carla Ireton


Carla has a deep love for ancient healing practices and has run a private practice since 1995. A qualified Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and gifted Intuitive Healer, she has been running retreats and teaching workshops in Australia and New Zealand for over 18 years. Carla is now teaching The Clearing Course virtually, making it the most accessible way to share the clearing method that transformed her health and wellbeing and radically expanded her enjoyment of life.. 






“I am grateful for The Clearing Course as I feel so much lighter. Having limiting beliefs about my appearance, with constant self judgement for so many years, now it is like a weight has been lifted. I’m feeling so much better in myself.
Also I’ve been aware of an enormous feeling of guilt I’ve been carrying regarding my teenage son from when he was only a baby & within an instant with Carla’s knowledge, love and support, I was able to clear it. I am now feeling gratitude and love towards him and are able to freely communicate with him with much more ease.
So many great things are happening in such a short time, I am so blessed.
I’m clearing on the run and throughout the day. eg- Whilst in the car, something as simple as a song coming on the radio in which I usually would turn off as it brings up unwanted memories. I thought ‘yes’ I’m going to use my tools and just like that, the emotions left 🙂
My life now feels like it’s filled with wisdom & possibilities instead of my limiting beliefs which were holding me back. I am now bringing happiness & love into my life.” – Tammy, Australia.



I have learnt a lot, had a lot of help and seen a lot of people. Carla operates in a way that I have never before witnessed and is the only person I have met that can really take you to the next level. Here is my story.

My first relationship was intense and a huge part of my life. We went through so much together and we really loved each other. Jason* (name changed) took his own life which ended our relationship. Jason was never here to stick around. Since Jason died (13 years ago) I have had many relationships but unfortunately, I have only been attracting ‘Jasons’ – men that don’t stick around and have similar characteristics to Jason – addictions, disloyal behavior etc.

During The Course I was able to move Jason on – get rid if him (in a nice way) so that I can now move forward and attract the right person. It all made sense to me once I understood what was going on. I felt a huge shift in me after I went through this process. It was almost as if I could feel Jason leaving my side.

Carla’s research and knowledge becomes obvious when you start working with her. We tackled issues that were so deep I had never even bothered trying and just hoped ‘they would go away’. These issues would always surface and I am just so grateful I came across someone who could actually help me get to where I want to be and put me on the right path.

I am now excited for the future. I am excited to start attracting the right people into my life and that my true path can now start to unfold. Gone is the suffering and, I can now lead a blissful happy life. I would encourage everyone to ‘heal’ and get help from Carla.” – HR, Australia.



I contacted Carla because I felt stuck, uninspired and had no idea how to move forward with my business.  I had just left a job that had zapped a lot of my energy and was looking forward to the opportunity to go out on my own and really live my passion. However, I was carrying around so many unnecessary thoughts, feelings and emotions that were blocking my clarity, focus and creativity.  These thoughts were making me feel overwhelmed, heavy and made me doubt every single decision or action I was taking with my business.   For a gift that comes from the heart and soul it didn’t feel right that the business side felt this hard, when what  I actually do comes so easy and naturally.

During The Course we worked on clearing them one by one.  Immediately I felt different, the heaviness lifted, the creativity flowed and I realised how much all of the negative energy I was holding was weighing me down.  When I would identify a feeling or emotion and started naming it I started to realise that I was making it much bigger than it really was. 

Just a few weeks on and already things are happening in leaps and bounds, I’m making more connections, therefore I am able to share my gifts with more clients and getting the confidence to put myself out there more.

I love working with Carla she always inspires me to be my most authentic self and reminds me of the gifts I have to share with the world. I was originally unsure about Skype but after mulling over it all for a few weeks I realised it was Carla that I really wanted to work with again so decided I just had to give it a try!”

– Simone, Styling Expert, Style With Soul, Australia



When I heard about this work I thought at the time it is too good to be true, the skeptic in me said, “It can’t be this easy”. I wanted it to be true though, I wanted to believe it would work and most importantly my heart said YES, so I trusted and jumped. Nothing to loose and everything to gain.

My story in a nutshell is an ex partner (14 years we were together) the father of my children, whom I still could not fully extract from my life, even though it has been over eight years since the separation.

From the outside I have well and truly moved on.  I am now in a healthy harmonious relationship and found freedom and love I never knew existed before. With my new partner I feel like a liberated woman in comparison to where I was.

However, the ex’s energy kept crawling into the home. I have tried various sorts of communication approaches over the years including no communication all together as of this year, which gave me breathing room, but I could still feel his energy and it didn’t stop him from contacting me. 

The ex is a bully with psychopathic tendencies who after eight years still kept emailing me, calling me, telling me what to do and how to behave. His energy was affecting me, my children and my new relationship to the point where I had had enough, I was so fed up with the whole situation and from that place I signed up. 

Within a week I noticed a difference, I felt space from him. I was so surprised and I also thought it’s only been a week, too early to say, wait and see, he could still be making some moves. But it didn’t happen!

Now five weeks down the track he feels completely gone from my being and I don’t feel affected by his energy at all, any more. I can’t even begin to explain how. All I know is what I feel, in regards to him, which is space, like he is in the distance and he doesn’t concern me at all anymore. 

I feel so incredibly grateful and happy as this has changed everything for me. In the last week my life has also taken a change of direction in regards to my work, I am following my heart and doing what I love”. – AA, New Zealand



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