The Course

The Course





A self discovery journey to the heart of what truly matters.



What matters most to you?



Is it to find your heart mate and be loved and adored?

Is it to create a soulful business and share your gifts and talents?

Is it to be well, pain free, less stressed and more balanced and peaceful?



For me, it was to be well and walk pain free. Not an easy feat with a deformed hip, a twisted pelvis, an S bend in my spine and a leg 18mm shorter than the other! After 6 operations which never made the pain go away, I was on a serious search for new options.


For many years I tried to change my body, fix it, bend it, manipulate it. I let people cut it, put metal pins in it, stitch it, stick needles in it, push it, pull it, stretch it, bruise it. I travelled to twenty-one countries searching for alternative methods to relieve the pain, but wellbeing always seemed to elude me, I’d find it and then I’d loose it, like it was some fleeting possibility that just wasn’t for me. (You can read more about my healing journey here)


Then my journey took a new direction when I realised pain was actually my teacher and it was trying to teach me something important. Instead of trying to get rid of it, I started to listen to it. I stopped looking outside of myself for help and began to focus on doing the INNER WORK, listening to my intuition and clearing the old beliefs and fears which were blocking me from being well.


Over time, the pain, the stress and the tension I had carried around in my body for most of my life completely dissolved, totally disappeared without any external intervention, and now that I’m pain free, I don’t worry anymore that my back is crooked or I limp when I walk onto a stage, or that others see the scars on my legs. I no longer need to change any of the stuff on the outside anymore, that alone free’s up so much energy to focus on what matters most.


And what about you?


What obstacles are stopping you from living a life that matters and fulfilling the true desires of your heart?


Are you in pain or constantly stressed or suffering from an illness?


Do you feel heartbroken, overwhelmed with sadness or afraid of being rejected, again…?


Are you anxious or worried?


Or do you never feel enough… good enough, slim enough, smart enough, funny enough?


Maybe you feel stuck and uninspired and unsure of what to do next?




What I’ve learned from my own inner work, plus working with literally thousands of women over the past 25 years, is… 


No matter how hard you try, no matter how much self-improvement you do, and no matter how many self help books you read, yoga classes you attend or massages you have


Until you deal with your fears and hidden beliefs…
You’ll never have the kind of relationship, health and wellbeing (or happiness) that you dream about.




“Carla’s research and knowledge becomes obvious when you start working with her. We tackled issues that were so deep I had never even bothered trying and just hoped ‘they would go away’. These issues would always surface and I am just so grateful I came across someone who could actually help me get to where I want to be and put me on the right path.” – Hayley, Personal Trainer, Australia






Join me on a heart-opening journey of a lifetime.


A 6 month private 1:1 wellness adventure to the heart of what truly matters most


I promise it will be like no other journey your’ve ever been on and it will change your life, like ALL great journeys do.


I know you’ll be surprised by what happens, because this journey is different.


This is not self improvement, you won’t be focussing on the outside like changing your job or upgrading your relationship or improving your body.


Instead, this is an opportunity for self-realisation and personal growth because you’ll be focussing on empowering yourself from the inside out.


And when you do the INNER WORK and clear the blocks and come into alignment with who you are, why you are here and where you are going, everything that matters most; your health, your relationships, your purpose, all gently fall into place, one small step at a time.


….It’s simple because it’s Life’s plan.



Life is about pleasure and fun and serving others and if you’re not healthy and happy living a life that matters most, it’s time to make some changes from the inside out.



“Carla helped me to honour my gifts and listen to my intuition, which I’d been conditioned not to do for so long. She re-connected me to my true being. It is the most precious gift. I have been given. I had tried so hard, to logically define myself and made decisions based on what would suit other people, not fully aware how damaging to my true self that would be. Sometimes, it simply is a matter of trusting your heart and listening to another perspective that can tune into the core issues”. Sarah, Melbourne.








No self discovery journey is ever the same…


Here are some things you might discover while journeying with me…


I’m known in the wellness industry for ‘massaging out’ the painful stuff…the elusive stuff that is really difficult to put your finger on…the confusing stuff that makes you wander “what the hell is going on? why is this happening to me? and why am I feeling this way?!!”


I’m also known for ‘reading bodies’ an ability which helps me get right to the heart of the matter, offering you clarity and aha moments so you can begin shining your light…brightly.


I’ve taught healing for the past twenty years and I love it. So I’ll be teaching you how to clear away all the ‘stuff’ that is cluttering up your heart space, your head space and your physical space giving you immediate freedom from those painful feelings, uncomfortable emotions and persistent thoughts. They will simply disappear.


I’ll help you get clear on how to make a difference in the world by sharing your “Goddess given” gifts and talents and I’ll teach you how to connect to your inner wisdom, your intuition, so you are empowered by a love for life. 



Professional Coaching | 6 Months | 30-Minute 1-on-1 Skype Calls | Weekly Support | 

A Healthier Happier You



Each week we’ll meet for a 30 minute private 1:1 training, coaching and healing session (via Skype or phone) so you can get clear, get focussed and get real about what truly matters to YOU.


Between sessions you’ll have constant connection with me through unlimited email support and you’ll be given worksheets and homework assignments (with accountability!) to help expand your consciousness, illuminate your purpose, and inspire you to deeper self–awareness while keeping you focussed on being well and on track to what matters most.


As challenges arise I’ll give you the tools to help you move through them with ease so you can enjoy the journey and when times are good we’ll celebrate, put our feet up and recalibrate before we set off on the next leg of our adventure.


The total investment for this six month self discovery journey to the heart of what matters most to YOU is $5555 Australian Dollars which can be paid in full or via a payment plan.



“I contacted Carla because I felt stuck, uninspired and had no idea how to move forward with my business.  I had just left a job that had zapped a lot of my energy and was looking forward to the opportunity to go out on my own and really live my passion.

However, I was carrying around so many unnecessary thoughts, feelings and emotions that were blocking my clarity, focus and creativity.  These thoughts were making me feel overwhelmed, heavy and made me doubt every single decision or action I was taking with my business.   For a gift that comes from the heart and soul it didn’t feel right that the business side felt this hard, when what  I actually do comes so easy and naturally.

During the process of the Course we worked on clearing them one by one.  Immediately I felt different, the heaviness lifted, the creativity flowed and I realised how much all of the negative energy I was holding was weighing me down.  When I would identify a feeling or emotion and started naming it I started to realise that I was making it much bigger than it really was. 

Just a few weeks on and already things are happening in leaps and bounds, I’m making more connections, therefore I am able to share my gifts with more clients and getting the confidence to put myself out there more. I love working with Carla she always inspires me to be my most authentic self and reminds me of the gifts I have to share with the world. I was originally unsure about Skype but after mulling over it all for a few weeks I realised it was Carla that I really wanted to work with again so decided I just had to give it a try!” Simone, Styling Expert, Style With Soul, Australia




If you’re up for a life changing experience, there are so many great things I want to

show you,

teach you and

share with you

along the way…



During the next 6 months:


I’ll help you find the exact problem that you’re dealing with related to your issue right now and give you the tools and support to overcome it.


I’ll teach you how to relax into a more feminine, receptive place in your body, tune into your intuitive abilities and get in touch with your feelings, thoughts and your emotions to gain greater self awareness and understanding as you journey towards what matters most.


I’ll help you discover your heartfelt passions, natural gifts and talents and align with your highest purpose.


I’ll teach you how to listen to the messages from your body, so you can identify and release pain points, areas of stress and stored tension and return to a centred place of inner calm and well-being. 


I’ll teach you how to clear away any old beliefs and fears that don’t serve you, and reconnect to your inner wisdom for answers that do. 


I’ll teach you how to sense whats blocking you from moving forward and how to clear away the invisible barriers that are depleting your energy and keeping you from being fully present.


I’ll give you easy to use wellbeing tools and techniques so you’ll be able to better manage life’s daily ups and downs, take charge of how you respond and come back to feeling better, faster. 


I’ll teach you ways to take care of yourself in business and relationships and stand firmly in saying yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no, without being afraid.


I’ll help you transform your daily struggles and ‘real life’ challenges; the loss of a loved one, the heartache of a relationship breakup, the suffering of an illness, into an experience of personal growth by understanding a deeper message behind the pain.


I’ll show you how to get stagnant creative energy moving once again, so you can express your gifts and talents freely.


I’ll support you to BE with ‘what is’, and not run away from your challenges but to move through them with ease and grace, more in tune with your inner guidance and with a heart more open as you discover a life full of meaning and purpose.




My experience has been like the ‘shedding of an old skin’ (or a lifetime of thought patterns and beliefs!)

The ‘voices’ that dominated my mind have not returned, and this has allowed me the space to absorb and ‘live’ new ways of believing and thinking. For the first time in my adult life, I feel like I am an independent person, developing my own set of values and beliefs. I feel so much more at ease in my own body.

I’m ‘training’ myself to be conscious of tuning into my feelings and learning to trust my instinct or intuition. This felt impossible before because of my mind continually telling me what I ‘should ‘ be doing and thinking. I feel so free…and excited!

I now truly see my life experience as a blessing, which has allowed me the most incredible opportunity to awaken and truly live my life with purpose and love. I don’t know if I would have discovered this way of living without Carla’s help. I am so truly blessed.” Ros, Midwife, Australia






Just before you pack your bags and join me on this journey…

Here’s a few more things I want to share with you:


If you’re committed to deepening your own body/heart/mind connection and living your life from a more heart centred place, I’ll guide and support you to move through your challenges with ease and into your higher purpose. 


During your commitment you are asked to direct your focus, time and attention on YOU. By investing in yourself like this you’ll create new neural pathways in your brain building a bridge between your head and your heart and reconnecting with what your heart knows to be true. 


The Course is like yoga for the heart, body and soul. It offers an intimate opportunity to dive beneath the noise and into the silence of your soul. Where your body whispers and your heart sings, where the answers you seek are waiting to be found within you. 


As you become proficient in clearing away the blocks and listening to your inner voice, you’ll begin making empowered decisions in your life without second guessing yourself.



What I gain from Carla’s sessions the most is her ability to read with insight and intuition. I feel like she takes the messages which she receives and holds them gently in offering to me, so that I can receive them. This gentle and loving process is laced with her humor and understanding and always leaves me feeling cared for and understood.
– Tanya, Beauty & Massage Therapist, Australia




But there is only one of me to guide you along the way, so…



If you want to live a life that matters, build an unshakable trust in your intuition and make clear decisions about when to say YES, and when to say NO. And feel really good about it




If you want to show up in your relationships and life with a steady and strong foundation of inner balance, vibrant well-being and mental clarity.






If you want my help, I want to help you!


I promise that by engaging in this unique coaching program with me I’ll give you the best advice and wellbeing information, practical tools and practices I’ve learned during the past 25 years. I’ve got a ton of resources and I’ve helped many women work on achieving what matters most to them, from finding love, relieving chronic pain, discovering their hearts purpose and sharing their gifts and talents with the world.


This coaching program is for women who believe they have so much more to give and are ready to clear the blocks to living a life that matters. If your ready for an adventure, lets have a chat – a ‘no pressure’ conversation so you can get loads of clarity about whether this is the right course for you. 


During The Course I devote a lot of time to you. It’s the best way to ensure I stay connected to you and can give you focused support to help you achieve your personal goals. 


If your intuition is saying “Yes, lets go”…. Trust it. Follow it and Email me today to find out more about journeying with me.  



I’ve looked around a bit and I can say with absolute confidence that Carla is truly special. She has an amazing ability to read the body and listen to how it feels and what it needs. After each session, I feel so relaxed and at peace in my body – something that doesn’t come all that easy for me. I keep thinking I must have reaped some seriously good karma to have crossed paths with Carla. I really can’t recommend her enough Elizabeth, San Francisco, USA





“At first I just wanted to get rid of all the horrible feelings I had about my failed relationship, but what I found was much more than that. With Carla’s support I am back on track with a connection to myself, what it means to be me in the world, and how to live my life from a more authentic place – based on what works for me. I no longer feel sad, devastated, angry or lonely. And I don’t feel sorry for myself either. I am back in the groove of a loving and fulfilled life, and ready for whatever life has in store: a man, a family, career or some other adventure” – O.P, Melbourne, Australia



Money Back Guarantee:


Byron Women’s Retreat offers a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee within 14 days of starting The Course. If, after two weeks in the program, you don’t feel any better, clearer or happier, just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your money – no change, no charge, no questions asked. That’s how confident I am in the quality of this program.




Carla’s energy is amazing, the way she connects with you makes you feel very special and safe to really get to the heart of things. I learnt a lot from Carla about reconnecting with my body and intuition. She also gave me the tools to keep working on it at home. Thank you Carla, for a life changing experience!
– Marije, Social Worker/Councillor, The Netherlands


About Carla

Hi, I’m Carla Ireton a Women’s Wellbeing Coach, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher and leader of Women’s Retreats in Australia and New Zealand.

I combine my 25 years of personal healing experience, formal training in Body Work, Massage Therapy, Yoga, Meditation and my empathic and intuitive gift of deep understanding and insight into my clients body and emotions to take them on a life changing journey of self discovery.



Contact Carla for a clarity call and find out more about whether The Course is right for you.


 Carla has opened doors for me and shown me a path and life journey, which previously I could have only imagined.
– Megan, Artist & Yoga Teacher, New Zealand


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