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“When I heard about this work I thought at the time it is too good to be true, the skeptic in me said, ‘It can’t be this easy’. I wanted it to be true though, I wanted to believe it would work and most importantly my heart said YES, so I trusted and jumped. Nothing to loose and everything to gain.

My story in a nutshell is an ex partner (14 years we were together) the father of my children, whom I still could not fully extract from my life, even though it has been over eight years since the separation.

From the outside I have well and truly moved on.  I am now in a healthy harmonious relationship and found freedom and love I never knew existed before. With my new partner I feel like a liberated woman in comparison to where I was.

However, the ex’s energy kept crawling into the home. I have tried various sorts of communication approaches over the years including no communication all together as of this year, which gave me breathing room, but I could still feel his energy and it didn’t stop him from contacting me.

The ex is a bully with psychopathic tendencies who after eight years still kept emailing me, calling me, telling me what to do and how to behave. His energy was affecting me, my children and my new relationship to the point where I had had enough, I was so fed up with the whole situation and from that place I signed up.

Within a week I noticed a difference, I felt space from him. I was so surprised and I also thought it’s only been a week, too early to say, wait and see, he could still be making some moves. But it didn’t happen!

Now five weeks down the track he feels completely gone from my being and I don’t feel affected by his energy at all, any more. I can’t even begin to explain how. All I know is what I feel, in regards to him, which is space, like he is in the distance and he doesn’t concern me at all anymore.

I feel so incredibly grateful and happy as this has changed everything for me. In the last week my life has also taken a change of direction in regards to my work, I am following my heart and doing what I love”. Alexia, New Zealand






“Four days ago, I learnt about this. It didn’t take any convincing for me to sign up – I was desperate for some big-time help!!

For a very long time my thoughts have been dominated by voices of important people in my life i.e.: my mum, ex husband, etc.

When I made a life changing decision a year ago to follow my heart, these dominant voices have kept me stuck in the past, paralysed with moving forward and intent on dragging me back to my old life. When attempting to relax and meditate four days ago, I cried. I was so overwhelmed by the power of these voices/energies which were so strongly dominating my every thought, I signed up that day.

This is what I can tell you so far….

Day 1 – I woke the next morning feeling an incredible sense of calm. Where were all the voices that had dominated my thinking mind forever, telling me how I should be thinking and feeling????  I felt an amazing sense of freedom and space.

Day 2…’They’ were completely GONE! Not even on the ‘outskirts’… that’s freedom!! An incredible pressure had been lifted.

Day 3…Still gone. I can FEEL my heart! It feels calm, open and ‘allowed’ to speak.

Day 4…Still gone… There are no voices….it’s just me & MY heart!”

Karen, Australia





“I contacted Carla because I felt stuck, uninspired and had no idea how to move forward with my business.  I had just left a job that had zapped a lot of my energy and was looking forward to the opportunity to go out on my own and really live my passion.

However, I was carrying around so many unnecessary thoughts, feelings and emotions that were blocking my clarity, focus and creativity.  These thoughts were making me feel overwhelmed, heavy and made me doubt every single decision or action I was taking with my business.   For a gift that comes from the heart and soul it didn’t feel right that the business side felt this hard, when what  I actually do comes so easy and naturally.

During the process of the Course we worked on clearing them one by one.  Immediately I felt different, the heaviness lifted, the creativity flowed and I realised how much all of the negative energy I was holding was weighing me down.  When I would identify a feeling or emotion and started naming it I started to realise that I was making it much bigger than it really was. 

Just a few weeks on and already things are happening in leaps and bounds, I’m making more connections, therefore I am able to share my gifts with more clients and getting the confidence to put myself out there more”. Simone, Style With Soul, Australia

The Course

About The Course


The Course came about through a personal desire to heal the pain in my body, my relationships and my life.

For more than twenty years I studied and practiced many alternative and complimentary therapies to ease the pain in my body, but whenever I faced any stress such as a relationship break up, change of house or a challenging situation it would always return. Even though I had a daily yoga and meditation practice I was still not able to hold the debilitating pain at bay, which prevented me from walking freely. (You can read more about my story here)

Three years ago my life changed when I met an elderly Healer I fondly came to know as The Seer.

Through a series of sessions the Seer taught me how to unplug from the pain in my body, my relationships and my life by identifying and clearing the emotional charged energy in my aura which manifested as disharmony and suffering in my body, relationships and my life.

She taught me a daily clearing practice which radically relieved my pain and reconnected me to my hearts calling so I had space and freedom to successfully fulfil my life’s purpose.

This simple, do-it-yourself tool cleared my old emotional patterns, my hospital trauma, stopped energetic and empathic transference and released old wounds without any pain or strain.

The pain in my body completely disappeared, without any more surgery or medication, my relationships improved and I was finally back on track to creating my hearts calling to build a healing sanctuary for women.

I began working with the method everyday and teaching it to my clients, empowering them to take autonomy of their own healing so they too could align with Source and fulfil their life’s purpose.




Energy Creates Matter,

Thoughts Create Things


The Course teaches you how to unplug from pain, whether its emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from health complaints, relationship problems, depression, trauma, loss of job, money issues – no problem is too great. You will learn how to find and identify the energetic charge which is causing your problem, and clear it.


The Course offers you a do-it-yourself practical self help tool which involves no processing of your past experiences, feelings or emotions.

Any old habits, emotional patterns, or mental blocks which are not serving you can be cleared using The Course method, creating space and freedom for you to flourish.

As soon as you identify the energetic charge which is disguised as a feeling, thought, emotion or sensation, the nexus is broken and the energy is unplugged, literally disappearing out of your life providing a deep sense of overall wellbeing.





Personal Coaching and Self Healing:


The Course consists of 4 x personal, one-to-one coaching and healing sessions online (Skype) with four weeks of healing support via email.



During your personal coaching sessions you’ll learn how to:


  • Unplug from the pain by identifying and clearing old energy patterns, feelings and emotions from your energy field
  • Declutter your mind from negative thoughts and regain mental freedom and space
  • Release “energetic sitters” – energetically unplug unhealthy relationships from your past or present which are affecting you mentally, emotionally, psychically
  • Gain Clarity and Direction – reconnecting with your hearts purpose
  • Develop a clearing habit that will work exponentially to nourish and support your energy
  • Develop a deeper intimacy and connection with oneself, others and life
  • Experience greater self-love, self care and self-acceptance


Change may occur on all levels of being – physical, mental, emotion and spiritual.  The possibilities are vast and as unique as is each person. Some clients may experience a reversal of a disease process, others may experience healing on a more subtle level, such as a shift in an attitude towards a situation followed by a shift in their outer circumstances.




“At first I just wanted to get rid of all the horrible feelings I had about my failed relationship, but what I found was much more than that.With Carla’s support I am back on track with a connection to myself, what it means to be me in the world, and how to live my life from a more authentic place – based on what works for me. I no longer feel sad, devastated, angry or lonely. And I don’t feel sorry for myself either. I am back in the groove of a loving and fulfilled life, and ready for whatever life has in store: a man, a family, career or some other adventure” – O.P, Melbourne, Australia






What Are The Benefits?


While each client has her own unique experience, the main benefit is a clearing of the dominant negative emotions, feelings, and sensations followed by a tangible sense of space and freedom, deeper heart connection and alignment with your highest Self.

Other benefits you may experience are:


  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Deep states of relaxation
  • Heightened clarity and focus
  • Deeper contact to creative movement and expression
  • Ability to heal more quickly
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Reduced stress and increased pleasure
  • A sense of safety to express feelings and thoughts
  • Sense of life purpose and alignment with your hearts desires
  • Renewed sense of self-acceptance and opening to personal power
  • Healing and transformation of relationships




For more client experiences see Client Case Stories and Testimonies






The Course Outline


The Course Is Delivered in 4 Parts.


1. The Introduction: 

You will receive an email starter kit to introduce you to the concepts, teachings and understandings about what you will learn on The Course. This will give you an opportunity to learn the foundations and familiarise yourself with The Course prior to our Coaching Sessions.


2. The Method:  

You can choose to receive a folder and worksheets by post or PDF Worksheets via email. You will be using the Worksheets for 10 minutes, 3 x a day for 3 days during our Coaching and Healing Sessions. Once the method is learned the worksheets are used less and less until no longer needed. You may choose to continue to use The Worksheets during the four weeks of healing support.


3. Personal Coaching and Healing:

There are 4 sessions via Skype over 4 consecutive days for personal one- to-one Coaching and Healing.


During the sessions you’ll learn how to use The Course to clear energetic blocks, emotions, feelings and unplug from energetic sitters (unhealthy relationships with ex partners, employers, family members, friends, etc) freeing your energy up to focus on your true hearts calling and share your gifts with the world.


The first session may take up to 60 minutes with the following 3 Coaching Sessions being 30-40 minutes in duration.


Every session is intuitive, personal and different, we’re always working with what is alive in the moment, so it’s exciting as you get to see issues quickly clear and positive results happen right before your eyes.


Also during our sessions I’ll teach you how to integrate The Course method into your nervous system so with practice you’ll be able to apply it ‘automatic pilot’ within days.


4. Four Weeks of Email Support:

Once you have completed the four days of Coaching and Healing Sessions we will continue to stay in touch via email.

This gives you the opportunity to ask any further questions, share with me your break throughs and stay on track fulfilling your hearts purpose whilst keeping your energy clear every day.



“Carla uses her gift to connect with your heart and soul, so as to offer you with … extremely profound, personal, perspective-shifting ‘messages’. She seems to be able to “feel’ into your deepest heartspace and offer you some guiding, healing words about yourself, your life, your most inner workings. It’s a deeply moving experience. You feel like you’ve just had a little ‘life chat’ with your guardian angel. And who knows, maybe you have. I implore you to experience The Course all for yourself. It’s a rich and poignant, personal heart and soul experience.” – R.D, Australia



photo skype


Cost Of The Course:


The full cost of The Course is $555.00 (Australian Dollars and includes GST)

Payment can be made via internet banking or Paypal

This includes:

The Email Starter Kit

The Worksheets

1 x 60 minute first Personal Coaching and Healing Session with Carla

3 x 30-40 minute Personal Coaching and Healing Sessions with Carla

4 Weeks of email support and mentoring with Carla



Money Back Guarantee:


Byron Women’s Retreat offers a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee within 14 days of starting The Course. If The Course doesn’t help you, I will gladly refund 100% of your money.  No change, no charge, no questions asked.




“I am now excited for the future. I am excited to start attracting the right people into my life and that my true path can now start to unfold. Gone is the suffering and, I can now lead a blissful happy life. I would encourage everyone to ‘heal’ and get help from Carla and her team.” – H.R, Australia



 IMG_0181About Carla

Hi I’m Carla, an Intuitive Healer with a deep love for healing and a passion for travel. I’ve run a private healing practice for the past 24 years in New Zealand and Australia. As a Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Energy Healer I’ve enjoyed teaching students and practitioners in the field of holistic healthcare and vibrational medicine for over 20 years.

Byron Women’s Retreat is the manifestation of my hearts calling to provide a safe haven for women to nurture, heal and discover their true feminine essence.

The Course is the most accessible way for me to teach and share the miracle of healing via a one-to-one personal coaching and healing program which immediately empowers and inspires women to access their gifts and talents and share them in ways that best serve others.

My vision is to build a healing sanctuary for women, where women support, inspire and empower each other to be all they can be, in love.




Contact Carla for more information on The Course.

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