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Ten years ago I healed myself from a lifetime of chronic pain, due to a birth defect that succeeded in numerous unsuccessful surgeries.


I had searched for twenty years for a way to heal myself without medication or more surgery, travelling all over the world to experience ancient healing methods.


In the end my healing came down to simply clearing energy, reconnecting to my feminine energy and aligning with my souls purpose to serve life.


Over the past twenty years I’ve taught yoga, meditation, massage and intuition to thousands of women, now I am called to give my time and energy to teaching women who are committed and devoted to learning how to heal themselves and share their healing with others.


I teach the HOW.


Not the theory, nor the concepts, but the actual, practical step by step process to healing oneself.


Because healing is a personal and individual journey, I choose to work one-to-one with my clients in a personal and intimate way either personally on a retreat or online over Skype, teaching only what is relevant for their personal healing and directly related to their souls journey.  


It doesn’t matter if you are suffering physical, emotional or mental pain, or if you have a sickness of the soul, as long as you have a willingness to heal and are committed to the process, I can teach you how to heal yourself.


One-to-one sessions will fast track your growth, they encourage honesty, openess and a desire to join in love. No session is pre-recorded, pre-made or pre-planned. The women who work with me quickly experience a shift within themselves, they feel inspired to make changes from the inside out and through this process experience life changing effects.




Here are 3 ways you can work with me:




The Clearing Course:

Firstly I teach the exact clearing method I used to clear out the old beliefs, emotions and feelings from my past and the effects of absorbing other peoples pain, emotions and energy. I’ll support you through the process via one to one coaching and training and make sure you fully understand how to use the method on the run, at anytime and anywhere to clear your energy. During The Clearing Course you’ll feel instant relief, begin to feel lighter, get a sense of being aligned to your higher power and start accessing the flow of life. You can find out more about The Clearing Course here





The Coaching and Healing Program:

Then once you are confident with using The Clearing method, I will teach you how to get in touch with your inner wisdom, your feminine power and become self confident being a feminine woman in a masculine dominated world. I’ll teach you how to trust in your inner wisdom, how to follow it, overcome your doubts and how to tell the difference between the voice of love /inner wisdom and the voice of fear/ego. I’ll teach you how to slow down, declutter, detox, relax, replenish and tune in – what ever YOU need and what ever it takes, I will support you to make the changes from a disconnected isolated sense of self to one of love and connection with life. The Coaching and Healing Program is split into modules to suit your budget, time and personal needs. You can find out more about The Coaching and Healing Program here





A Soulful Retreat or Spiritual Pilgrimage 

These special journeys are for women who have worked with me and are ready to open their hearts and share with other women who are on the same journey as themselves. A journey to a sacred site is so much more than an inclination to travel, it is a response to a deeper call from your heart. The Soulful Retreats and Spiritual Pilgrimages are intimate travel experiences for a small group of heartfelt women who are all truly connected in what they are searching for in this world….love and connection and a sense of who they are on a soul level. It’s a rich and heart opening experience for those who want to take their healing to the next level. I send every client a personal invitation to join me on a yearly retreat or pilgrimage.



I’ve got many resources, years of experience and the wisdom to guide and teach you how to heal yourself on all levels. I love helping women and I’d love to help you.






 Please email me if you are interested in working with me (Carla) at



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