From Worry to Joy – the fun way

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There are times when life seems difficult, things aren’t flowing smoothly, there are hick ups and set backs and worry gets the better of us. When the mind begins to override the heart, trouble is brewing, the slippery slope is appearing and we know if we don’t get into our hearts fast, she ain’t gonna be a pretty sight.


Forget the “To Do List”, I found a beautiful tool to get you from worry to joy – the fun way. It’s called my “What makes me happy page” – also known as a vision board.

The key is to start focusing on what you like in life instead of what you don’t.


Whats right instead of whats’ wrong.


This can be easily done by making a “What makes me happy page”.


On this page, you write about all the things you are grateful for and also your wishes and hearts dreams. These are the things you like, and within your likes are the things that you love. Remember to draw out the child inside and use sparkly pens, pictures, cut outs from magazines and upside down writing can be fun too – see my example below, I choose to use cut outs from magazines.






Then the next trick is to watch your feelings in daily life.

How do you learn to recognise your dreams?


Simply by being in touch with your feelings in daily life. Whenever something feels good, there was a thought or an experience that made you happy. This can be either a dream or something you are grateful for. Write it down.


However, when something gives you a negative feeling, you can turn that thought around and create a new dream. For example: “I am fed up with being alone!” is the dream for “a loving relationship” in disguise.


Make a “What makes me happy page”.


According to the Harvard Business Review, “The challenge facing women is to have vision be one of the things we are known for. No vision, no leadership”.


A vision board is a practical way to create a vision for what you really want to achieve for yourself in your life, career, organization or world in the future. They make your aspirations more tangible and solid, helping you and others realise and commit to the vision.


Write to me for a PDF of feeling words to help you identify your dreams. Knowing your feelings really does help.